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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I had heard of this website a few times, around but never really checked it out, well that was until today. Since I've been couponing and following alot of the other blogs information on coupons and where to locate them to go with the sales at my stores every week, I try a lot of new websites out, in my couponing mission today I was sent to for a $2 off Kashi coupon. Anywho. Made it there signed up completed 3 or 4 small little tasks that literally just took a few seconds each, and earned enough points to get my coupon. A few hours later, there on sale for a 1/5 of the points I spent,  50 to 10! Well the sale is still on theres also a new task for 50 points, so you can definately score some major coupons, including $10 off $50 at staples, $2 off any Kashi, $1 off Dagoba Organic Chocolate bar, $2 off Naked juice, $1 off honest tea, and a few others, they each only cost 10 points. So if you've never checked out now's a great time to start! If your already a member there's some hot coupons, there, and a new 50 point task.

According to Wikipedia:
RecycleBank is a company with offices in New York City and Philadelphia focused on recycling rewards. It does this by measuring the amount of material each home recycles then issuing RecycleBank Points based on the amount of materials recycled. These points can be used at participating local and national rewards partners. Reward points can also be earned through the Visa Gconomy Card, GreenNurture, Kashless, electronics recycling, and by participating in eBay's Green Team.[1][2][3]
RecycleBank was founded in 2004 by Patrick K. FitzGerald and Ron Gonen and a pilot program was launched in two Philadelphia neighborhoods.
RecycleBank is a member company of Ceres, a network nationwide of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change. RRE Ventures and Sigma Partners are the largest institutional shareholder group and Ron Gonen, the co-founder and CEO is the largest individual shareholder.
As of December 2007, RecycleBank is in 125,000 households in the United States in over 35 municipalities.

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