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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reminder Monday is Valentine's Day!

In case anyone has forgotten, Monday is Valentine's Day. Make sure you got your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, and aunts, something special! I say special because, what ever you give them as long as it's from the heart they will love. It doesn't have to cost a bunch, or smell pretty. Just remember them, you can even make them something, draw them a picture, write a poem, or love letter, send a text, or even an email, anything really to let them know your thinking of them. It may sound silly but it will definitely brighten their day. I know it's a "Hallmark" holiday, but we women, even when we say we hate it, always smile if we get a Valentine :)

In other news, I just wanted to remind everyone to spread the word for My Daily Swag when we hit 200 Fans I'm going to have another giveaway! I've decided every time we meet the next 100 fans of my blogs page we will have a $5 AGC giveaway.  Start spreading the word about My Daily Swag!

P.S. did anyone notice I only reminded the men about Valentine's Day. (ELL-OHH-ELL)

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