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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A special Offer or Two just for you :)

Okay I have a few special offers for you that auto credited for me.

Trial Pay continues to have video's for Paranormal Activity, The Truth video is back, and Mitsubishi. There all worth 2 points each.

Payment wall Sign up for the smart photo sharing and storage service. for 30SB's, I think this is the same Nikon offer that's currently listed on gWallet for less points. It did take some time to credit. I did the offer on Friday and was paid on Friday just not in time for Friday's blog post.

Super Rewards Have a parent or loved one in need of assisted Living? for 79SB's. I used my google voice number, you do have to call in to get the code at the end of the offer, to verify you are human. Credited within 1/2 an hour.

Have a great day. Hopefully I can send out a Code Alert soon!
P.S. it seems the Swag Gates have opened start searching :)

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