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Friday, February 25, 2011

Special Offers :)

Here's a list of special offers I've completed on SwagBucks since 2/18/2011. Hopefully most if not all of these offers are still available.


Get help with your asthma for 63SB's Instant Credit.
I completed this one through the video's section Play Zynga's Newest Game – CityVille! for 9sb's. You have to watch the video and install the app.


Check Out the US Building Digest in Las Vegas Exclusive Video for 1SB.
Send the Perfect Digital Valentine's Day Card Here! for 94SB's.


Video's were just about everyday until today, so sad :(


Earn SwagBucks in 7 seconds for 3sb's. I've been ablet o complete this offer a few times a day, however others are reporting back to back wins with it. I haven't had that luck. I've been credited at least 3 times a day doing it. I may have to try another browser, I'm using firefox.

Coca Cola happiness truck video for 2sb's. only 1 viewing but it's been there the last few days.


Get the latest deals in your city. for 16SB's I forgot what I signed up for in 24 hours (seriously! groupon maybe)


Play WPT texas hold'em facebook app install for 6SB's, not an instant credit, I sent them a screen shot of me sitting and playing. (I sat for 1 hand and left and uninstalled)

Meet the man behind your all time favorite movies, visit the site and click the like button for 20SB's. easiest 20 I ever made :)

Life Updates for 15SB's. Not an instant credit. I sent them the email with header that asked for me to confirm my subscription.

What Pets do You Own for 5SB's. Sign up for the pet daily deal site. Easy credit.

Today's post will have netted you over 200SB's.

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