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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's with All this SwagBucks Friends business?

Well I'm actually not a 100% sure. But if you seen the event on your facebook page (or you can click here), for SwagBucks 3rd birthday, it has been eluded to that adding swag friends to your swag friends list may count/account for something.

Here's what they have to say on the invite:

Our 3rd Birthday is coming up and we're going to have a crazy day! Expect codes galore, a brand new look and feel for the Swagbucks Blog, a new site feature that'll have big benefits for those of you who have been adding Swag Friends, and a new product that just may redefine the way you use Search. All of that and MORE fun and games this Monday, February 28th - be there or be square!

If your not sure where to look this is how/where:

Once you get to your friends section it will look like this:

You will be able to see all the friends you have added to your swag friends list from here. You can search through them by name. You can also see a list of pending friend requests you have sent out. Also as soon as you log in to the page you will see the names of members who may have requested you as a friend. So go on and have a look and accept your requests ASAP!

This is what your friend requests will/do look like:

Just click Accept or Ignore easy as that.

Now, there's currently a discussions topic over on the SwagBucks Facebook page, with users adding there swagbucks user name to the list and adding the other names to their list. My swag name is SmokeysSmokette. You can go on and add me I accept all requests. Someone has been keeping up with the list on the board so you only need to do a quick copy and paste, to add everyone on the list. the key is finding it. and then the long part which is clicking on each name to actually send the invite. (more on that in a minute) Once your accepted your list will soon be filling up, and hopefully this is a good thing since the TSG team has everyone adding everyone!

Here's a quick look at how to add a friend/friends. It's really quite easy.

First click this button:

Then this screen will pop up, be sure to click the tab/section where it says Enter Email Address/Swagname

Everyone over on the Facebook page are making it really easy to add friends to your list. You'll see there are two radio buttons, one that says Email and one that says Swagname, simply click on "Swagname" then in the big white box, enter the Swagnames of all the people you'd like separated by a comma, so it would look like this: SmokeysSmokette, jimmyjohn233333, Johnnyappleseed666, marcopolo12345, etcetera etcetera. Kind of like when you send an email to more then one person except we're losing everything after the @ sign. Then click the find your friends button. After you've clicked that a list will populate with all the names you just entered, you will have to click on each one in order for the request to be sent. It's tedious but I'm hoping it pays off in the end. Then you just wait for people to accept your request. Also don't forget to accept the requests waiting for you as well.

Now if you'd like to get on this Swagfriend list going around the facebook page. Simply go here, click on reply to topic, type in your swagname. Then look for the long list of names and copy and paste it into that box on your friends screen. 

Good luck and happy swaggin!

P.S. you can get to the Friends screen, by clicking on any of the pictures listed above. 

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