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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Which Team are you Joining?

So there's a new challenge for us on SwagBucks to celebrate the start of the baseball season. I'm curious Which team everyone is joining, and which team should I join? I'll go where the votes go :) Here's a small poll to see where everyone is headed, the team with the most votes will be the team I join.  I'll be choosing my team Friday at 2pm EST, so hurry up and vote! If you have no idea what I'm talking about click here.

Which Team are you joining?
Team Swag
Team Bucks free polls

Also I'm still seeking someone to design a logo for the web site. Please submit quotes at thanks!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's a SwagBucks code out right now! It's worth 4SB's and it expires at 2PM EST! Head on over to the FaceBook page for SwagBucks to get more info!!

Wow there's some really hot offers today!!!

So I'm totally loving Offermatic right now! They have a super hot deal today! Check this out:

Spend $1 for $25 worth in home decor at One Kings Lane. That's 96% Off!

Here's a little info on One Kings Lane


One Kings Lane partners with top brands and designers to give our members insider access to designer d├ęcor, entertaining and travel needs, food & wine, fantastic gift selections, and exclusive tag sales curated by today's top tastemakers – at up to 70% off retail.

Our Sales

New sales launch daily at 8am PT/ 11am ET. Tastemaker Tag Sales start Saturdays at 8 am PT/ 11 am ET and again on Tuesday evenings at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET. The Pantry, a delicious Sunday tradition, features hand-selected gourmet foods and wines. All sales last 72 hours. You'll also want to visit Our Shops for timeless gifts, home essentials, and life's little luxuries. Come early! Quantities are limited.

P.S. If you haven't already signed up for One King's Lane you can do it here, and when you make your first purchase I'll get a store credit :) Feel free to post your referral link after you sign up!

I made my purchase already, I bought 2 childrens toys priced at $14 each, + a $7.95 charge for shipping, costing me just $10.95 for the items add in the $1 fee from Offermatic for a really huge savings! I got my son the bubble set and the sprinkler system.

Please note the deal is only available through Offermatic and I'm not sure if it will be available to new members.

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's a SwagBucks code out right now! It's worth 9SB's and it expires at 10am EST! Get those quick fingers right on over there -----> and check for the code!

Good Morning Swaggers!!

Good Morning couple of offers I see and I haven't dug in yet. So I'll be updating this post today if I happen to get any good one's. I'll then repost the link back here on the Facebook MyDailySwag page letting you know I've updated it.

On the Homepage between the Froobi deal of the day and the rotating slider where the Jun Group video's are usually located is a Social Vibe video and Short question they want you to fill out for 7SB's. Took less then 2 minutes to complete.

Radium One has a few video's.

Just a quick 11SB's like I said I haven't even dug in yet. This is just what I got on the homepage :) I'll update when/if I have more.

There's also a Really Good deal for today on so check this out.

$25 for $50 worth of Adidas, Keds, LaCoste, Reef and more at - plus free shipping!. Plus new users to Eversave will also get a $2 credit towards their first purchase, reducing this out of pocket expense to $23. Purchase through SwagBucks Daily Deals for 23SB's for every $4 spent or 25ZB's for every $4 spent at Zoombucks! Also when you make your purchase be sure to click through from SwagBucks shop and earn section and earn 2SB's per $1 spent netting you an extra 100SB's. Or go through ZoomBucks and get 5ZB's per $1 spent netting you an extra 250ZB's, making this deal pretty sweet!

Make sure you sign up here first to get your $2 credit then head on over through the links for the sites to get your bucks!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

Well there's a Swag code out right now worth 7SB's! Check the Swidget for more info! It expires at 9:20pm EST!

Off topic, one of my favorite movies is "Fools Gold" with Kate Hudson and the hotty Matthew McConaughey!  Do you have any fav's?

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

Well there's a Swag code out right now worth 5SB's! Check the SwagBucks Blog for more info! It expires at 5:55pm EST!

Ebay Groupon deal

So there's a hot Groupon out there for ebay pay $7 and receive a $15 credit for anything on Ebay. It even includes shipping and tax, so basically no restrictions. Hot! right! Anyway we all know how I love to go through swagbucks for everything I need to shop for. Today took me a few minutes to figure out how I was going to get this deal and earn SB's for it. The people over on the SwagBucks wall got my wheels turning, I read how people were opening up the window and then just typing ebay after groupon to get to the page to buy it. So I thought how can I get this to go through and not have it not go through, then it dawned on me to change out the company i.d. after the link. So I'm going to post a Screen shot of how to do this.

1. go through swagbucks daily deals or trial pay local deals, and click on a link for Groupon.
2. near the end of the link make the change to ebay as shown in the image below. (you will have to click on it)
3. place your order
4. receive 160 SwagBucks within minutes. *

*note this may not work for everyone, so be sure to take your screen shots and save your emails.

In this image, you are leaving the ? mark in the link and just changing the portion that reads la-zarza to ebay. Everything else stays, then click enter!

Good Morning!

I have a high value special offer for you to complete through ZoomBucks if you haven't already completed it before.

Earn 176 ZBucks by registering for Bing Rewards. Join Bing Rewards FREE. It Auto-Credited within maybe 30 minutes of installation. You must complete it using internet explorer version 7 or higher. Just open up internet explorer if it's not your default browser, and navigate to the ZoomBucks page, then to the Tapjoy/offerpall wall.

Over on SwagBucks I completed these offers:

Radium One:

Beauty Discount Club - 40-88% off retail prices! for 41SB's. You sign up and do the click skip/pass through the offers. You will receive an email, click to confirm, then click skip/pass through the pages (there aren't many at all). You should be Auto-Credited within 30 minutes (I was). If not save your email and screen shot the last page.

Payment Wall:

Looking for auto insurance? for 19SB's. I don't actually remember what I did for this offer (sorry), but I'm pretty sure I didn't have to do an actual quote. But I'm not a 100% sure. (sorry)

Super Rewards:

Play World's #1 Fashion Game Fashionista FaceOff! for 4SB's. Facebook app install played it for all of 5 minutes if that and I didn't like it at all. I actually didn't get the concept.

I won't be posting any offers for iRazoo until I find out how they are handling my issue, once that is done I will go back to informing you of iRazoo offers. Let me explain. I did an insurance offer on iRazoo's Payment Wall for a really high amount of iP's. I was actually interested in Auto Insurance, in case you haven't noticed I haven't posted any insurance offers in a while, because I haven't been interested in a quote. Our insurance rate was recently raised so I really am interested in these quotes. I did purchase insurance, although not through the quote. I did give an actual phone number and I did speak with actual agents on their prices. I was told by payment wall that they can't confirm with the company that I completed the quote, even after I sent them 4 emails containing the quote information yes I got 4 different emails, and screen shot of the last page of the offer screen, and even though you have to do a phone authentication (enter the 4 digit code from the computer voice) they can't confirm it! So I want to see what steps iRazoo will be taking to see if I'm credited, all or part of the offer before I continue to do offers there.

There were also video's on all 3 sites, but I couldn't get one of the video's to load on Gambit for Virgin Mobile. So make sure your checking all the walls for Video's today. I had one on Super Rewards, Radium One, Peanut labs and Tapjoy. You may have more you may have less, but it's always good to check!

Also just want to remind everyone who works on all 3 sites, to be sure to shop an offer before completing it. Get the most for your time and effort, it's not something you can get back.

I'm also looking for someone to design an original My Daily Swag logo. I can't afford to pay much and I don't know what the going rate is. So please send all quotes to 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

:::: Code Alert :::::

There's a ZoomBucks promo code out right now! It is listed as limited so don't delay act fast! Check the ZoomBucks facebook page, or your email for the link.

:::: CODE ALERT!::::

There's a Swag Code out right now it's worth 8SB until 4pm EST. Check the blog for more details!

Lots of changes on iRazoo!

So I thought it was really easy to make at least a $5 Amazon gift card over on iRazoo every month just by doing the two recommendations with comments on the websites you choose to recommend or visit. There really just like giving it away. Right now they don't seem to have a minimum on the amount of characters for the reviews (although I think this will change)I do try and do "good" reviews of the websites to visit because I feel like I'm stealing if I don't. I'm not saying all my reviews are great but I do try to do at least a sentence, and I also know that I may have been reviewing some of the wrong things. Like say I went to the Amazon site through a search for Pajanimals which my son loves. I was really reviewing the Pajanimals instead of the Amazon site. Which I recently realized is wrong.

Well now that I've rambled on about my misgivings here are some of the new changes.

They have added a section to view your points history (from March 26th, 2011 onward). Which I love and I think is important especially if you think your missing points or just wondering how much your earning daily. (minus search wins, hope they add it soon)

Also, in the Mega Points section (offer wall) they had Paymentwall for offers, however they've just added Gambit, and Trialpay! I'm pretty excited about this since Gambit always gives video's to watch, which is huge even though on some of the sites they are low paying like 1SB, 2ZB's, We'll see how it goes here, so far so good.

If you haven't joined iRazoo yet, right now is a great time! They are slightly slow on Gift card payouts but they are getting faster, last check I took about 35days to get my gift card, but it's money in the bank, and I don't mind all that much.

And to top off this post there's a few video's on Gambit you may want to check out, for some iP's! So get in there make those points!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Afternoon! (CODE ALERT)

I'm here to brighten up your Mega SwagBucks Friday with a CODE ALERT!!!!!

So there's a code out right now worth 6SB's! Check the sWidget! Remember you don't need a Twitter account to view twitter feeds. Just click to go to the Twitter feed. You should be able to locate the code very easily.

Now I'm off to listen to my Psycho Circus album by KISS!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special Offers for SwagBucks

Guess I was kind of laying off the SwagBucks special offers, doing a few of them, lots weren't crediting and I really only like to post those that Auto-Credit leaving very little room for human error, which in turn helps all of you. So, as usual I'll let you know if it Auto-Credited or if I had to send a ticket. No matter what you should ALWAYS take screen shots and save your emails, this is the ultimate proof of your offer completion. Also want to remind everything that if you use any of the other sites, these offers are typically available across all of them that use special offer walls, even in those video games on facebook where it says earn credits. You can use some of these offers there provided they are being offered and provided the company is listed there. However I would like to point out that most of the sites say that you should not complete the offer on multiple walls, as this could lead to account deactivation, so if you do it on more then one site/wall you could risk losing your account. I think there is a fine line here, especially with the video's. I'm not sure how they would work that so to be careful I would get it in writing.

Gambit- Video (s)- The mini cooper credited for me, I know others were having problems, for me it was a social whatever video.

*I'm putting this here because that's who it credited through in my ledger.
On the SwagBucks home page there's an offer in the rotation slider at the top that contains a video it's labeled Visigoth (?) for 2SB's.


Watch a great video and click on a sponsor for 3SB's. Auto-Credit

Yahoo! Recommends Upgrading to Internet Explorer 9 for 31SB's Auto-Credit

Jackson Hewitt - Get $25 off your tax preparation! for 31SB's. Auto-Credit

Get a Free* $1000 Best Buy Gift Card! for 39SB's. Save the confirmation email (will probably go to spam/junk folder) I had to submit a trouble ticket, but it was credited very fast and without incident. I did all the skip/pass clicks. Good Luck, and I hope you get an Auto-Credit!

*I'm putting this here because that's who it credited through in my ledger.
On the SwagBucks home page there's an offer in the rotation slider at the top that says "like" McAfee on facebook for 10SB's.

Not much going on here, unless you have bought a Daily Deal. (for me, check your wall for vids though)


Dial for Men - 30 Days of Dirt Sweepstakes on Facebook. Giving away daily prizes and weekly grand prizes! for 9SB's Auto-Credit (took a while)

Check out Farmers Insurance Smack Attack for March Madness! Auto-Credit (took a while)

You love to travel and you love to win right? for 15SB's. Auto-Credit ( I did this through the slider but it shouldn't make a difference)


Does your eyes have trouble producing tears? for 30SB's. When you click the offer a page will open look for the banner for Restasis click it, on the next page fill out the info for the coupon (i think that was it) click to print it, remember you don't actually have to print it, just turn off your printer and click the print button, when the printer manager comes up, you can cancel any pending print jobs. I think clicking the print button activates the offer, and I'm not sure if its the link in the email or the link right after filling out your info. Side tracked cause I feel like this offer should read Do your eyes have trouble producing tears? instead of Does, I have really bad grammer/english skills so I'm not sure lol,  now aren't you glad you found my blog!

Super Rewards -
I've reported all the offers I did there the last few times, but if you missed my post on it I'll give you a copy and paste :)

You can also snatch up a quick 20 on SuperRewards by completing the Musicians! Win $100,000 Gear for Life Giveaway at zZounds for 20SB's. I'm not sure how long it took to credit but definitely within an hour or so. I completed the offer, then played with my son and did a few other things, when I just came back it had credited.  I also filled in the long form... just in case ;)

Play Ireland Town for 14SB's it's a facebook game app. I played the game for a little bit earning a few of the early game awards, I didn't play for long maybe a total of 10 minutes or less. I was really just checking it out cause well I'm Irish and it was the day after St. Patrick's day when I did it. The app has promise but needs a ton of work, it's actually quite boring. Wow I really ramble don't I!?! Anyway, it didn't credit right away, it actually took like a full day or so before I got the credits, but I didn't have to submit a ticket. Just remember to take a screen shot.

and there's a 1SB video on there as well for Jr. Scientists. 

This blog post will have netted you... Well I don't know cause I don't feel like adding it up, so I'm going with 100+SB's :)

:::: Code Alert ::::

There's a Swag code out it's worth 14SB's right now but will decrease every 10 minutes till 3PM EST!

The first clue says to search for "Memory" in the Swag Store... Good Luck!

Good Morning!

First let me start by saying, if you haven't already joined ZoomBucks now is a really good time. They launched a new easier to navigate website, and they have quite a few offer walls (which is what I love most!). They have Tapjoy/offerpal back on the wall which has a TON of offers I had about 9 pages of free offers, including video's and Facebook app installs. I was so excited last night, that I stayed up super late completing a bunch, which in turn also led me to a promo code that I probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Here's what I completed between last night and some this morning.

Peanut Labs: There were 3 videos for me, you can watch one of them twice, they actually have them listed separately instead of clicking on next video.

TapJoy / offerwall: The following offers all Auto-Credited. I'm not 100% sure on all the amounts I didn't keep great records, but I clicked on Free, went all the way to the last page (9 for me) and started with the lowest offers, after finishing the Video's section.

Earn ZBucks Just For Visiting a Selected Sponsor's Website!

Play SPARTACUS now and earn ZBucks!

Find Out Who Broke the Internet!
Like McAfee and Protect Your PC!

Play Zynga's Newest Game - CityVille!

Find Your Inspiration With This Amazing Application!

Video's are for Oprah, Royal Carribean, Samsung (at&t), and windows phone? possibly also chips ahoy. 

Gambit also had 2 videos for 2ZB's each.

This post should net you at least 50ZB's.

I'll be adding a SwagBucks post later today or tonight :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

:::: Code Alert :::::

There's a ZoomBucks promo code out right now! It's worth 10ZB's and is for a limited number of entries. So hurry and check your emails and or their Facebook page!

::::: Code Alert! :::::

There's a code out right now for SwagBucks. You can check the widget right on over there ----> Then your going to want to check the facebook SwagBucks page, which has an additional clue as to where the code is located.It's worth 7 until 3:45pm EST!

Remember no spaces before or after the code, when you enter it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's code out check the widget! *You will want to find the icon that looks like a little man right next to the chat button.* It's worth 5SB's and expires at 8pm EST! So HURRY!!!!
My hint is contained within the *'s :)

You can also snatch up a quick 20 on SuperRewards by completing the Musicians! Win $100,000 Gear for Life Giveaway at zZounds for 20SB's. I'm not sure how long it took to credit but definitely within an hour or so. I completed the offer, then played with my son and did a few other things, when I just came back it had credited.  I also filled in the long form... just in case ;)

::::: Code Alert ::::::

There's a Swag Code out right now!!! It's worth 9SB's and can be found in the SwagBucks blog! Hurry on over and choose your favorite to get your code!

Monday, March 21, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

There's a SwagBucks Code out right now!!! It's worth 5SB's and will expire at 2pm EST! So HURRY!!! You can get the hint in the widget. If your having trouble finding it look for the most recent tweet by them :)

A few quick offers to do

Both are on SuperRewards.

Play Ireland Town for 14SB's it's a facebook game app. I played the game for a little bit earning a few of the early game awards, I didn't play for long maybe a total of 10 minutes or less. I was really just checking it out cause well I'm Irish and it was the day after St. Patrick's day when I did it. The app has promise but needs a ton of work, it's actually quite boring. Wow I really ramble don't I!?! Anyway, it didn't credit right away, it actually took like a full day or so before I got the credits, but I didn't have to submit a ticket. Just remember to take a screen shot.

and there's a 1SB video on there as well for Jr. Scientists.

There's also a video on Gambit for 1SB. I believe the Mento's video may also be there (judging by the comments on the SB facebook page) However, I don't have it on mine.

Paymentwall also has video's right now I'm only seeing Chips Ahoy, 5 viewings for me.

Also on the homepage of SwagBucks, just between the froobi deal of the day and the rotating ad slider, I had a link for the Jun group video's worth 2 points each for Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese.

Also I posted about a payment wall offer for iRazoo this weekend you can read it here. It may work for SwagBucks, if you haven't completed it on iRazoo.

Good Morning!

The first thing I see in my email this morning is a deal from Groupon. Now I don't always buy all the deals I post about but I do buy some of them. I'm on the fence for this one, but it's a good deal I think. There is a currently a Groupon listed in North Jersey for $6 for a 12 months subscription to Glamour Magazine. I'm not really into magazine's all that much to be perfectly honest. I rarely read them unless I'm in the doctors office, and even then I'd rather pick up my phone and text or use mobile web. I'm more of a techie kinda gal. However, since I started couponing I'm always on the lookout for Q's! Now I just have to scour the web and find out if Glamour carries some Q's in there. If they do I will more then likely pick it up.

I know it's all well and good so why am I telling you about it. Well the fact is if you go through SwagBucks daily deals you can make this deal even sweeter with 160SB's! or 159ZB's through ZoomBucks! *note about zoombucks, the ZoomBucks daily deals page says Groupons pay 301ZB's but when you click through it takes you to the trialpay wall where it's listed as 159 so I'm not completely sure how it's going to pay out. You probably could fight for the 301 by taking a screen shot of the daily deals section where it lists it at 301ZB's.

So that's my deal for this morning, and I hope I find us some hot offers to auto-credit!

This is a national deal, if your having trouble locating it, just click through from the trial pay wall of your choice to get the offer linked to your account, once on Groupon you can click to change the location, switch the state to New Jersey and then choose North Jersey, and you should see it either on the front page or on the right hand side in the section that says "More Great Deals Nearby".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

iRazoo Mega Points offer

Just completed a quick sign up for 81 iP's in the Mega Points section of iRazoo.

Get great savings for your little one at home with baby coupons and offers. for 81iP's. Quick easy sign up, and skip through.

I also did the Start playing Fallen Sword, one of the top browser games in the world. for 18iP's that didn't credit. and I'll be submitting a ticket.

Having trouble locating the special offers section of iRazoo? Click my account scroll to the bottom look for the link that says:   Earn MEGA Points (*NEW*)

Also please remember that everyone's experience may not be the same as mine. And remember to always clear your cookies and cache BEFORE starting to complete offers. It sort of starts you with a clean slate, and helps you from worrying whether or not you did something wrong (you know that little thought that crosses your mind before you click submit with your rant on how the offer didn't credit) ;)

Haven't joined iRazoo yet? It's really easy to earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card here. For my review of iRazoo just click here.

Hope that helps someone :)

Oddly weird interesting development?

So here's a really interesting error message I received while trying to complete a Tapjoy offer just a few moments ago.

I clicked on both of these offers:

and received a message stating the offer has been closed. At first I really didn't think nothing of it other then it looked different, then what Tapjoy would normally do. Meaning they would more then likely let me complete the offer and then not put it in my missing Swagbucks link for me to fight (lol). So as I was saying I thought it looked a little off on the first offer, then when I clicked on the second offer and got the same message, I noticed something else. After the re-directs the final web address listed on the page was for a peanut labs address! Now there's no Peanut Labs on SwagBucks but there is on ZoomBucks, which also recently closed their Offerpal offerwall. Offerpal turned to Tapjoy on SwagBucks. So looks to me like Offerpal/Tapjoy is also Peanut Labs! Wonder if they'll be switching over on SwagBucks as well. Guess time will tell. But for now I just thought it was something interesting to share, in case you hadn't noticed.

If you click on the screen shot above, you can see it enlarged.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Good Morning!


Just a quick offer I seen this morning. It's for, they actually have 3 level 1 offers right now that are pretty good. They are all $20 for $50 worth of merchandise at the following retailers:, and Just in case you haven't logged on in a while.

For those of you haven't signed up for Offermatic, they analyze your credit card purchases and pair special offers based on the things you like to buy. They do track your spending through your bank account. They use the same banking interface/software as and it's completely free however, it is a fairly new service. They also recently secured $4.5 in funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. You can read more about Offermatic here at

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Quick 45 SwagBucks!

So I just completed to instant credit offers on SwagBucks through Tapjoy. If your new and lost when you go to the SwagBucks page click on Special offers, scroll down a little, click on Tapjoy, then click free. I always click free it's just easier to sort. Sometimes there's not so free offers mixed in and vice versa, but it does lessen the amount of pages to get through.

On my page those offers are stacked as you see in the photo. Your page may be different. Both offers credited Instantly.

Reduce Credit Card Debt, filled out first page, on 2nd page clicked the get my credit score link, refreshed swagbucks and was credited the 39SB's.

Beezag. Watch. Reward. Share. Signed up on the first page, refreshed and was credited the 6SB's. I received a confirmation email but never clicked on it.

That's 2 quick offers time should take less then a minute if your using an auto fill program. If not then less then 3 minutes :) for 45SB's!

My take on ZoomBucks Love it or Hate it?

Here's a quick run down on my impression and earnings on ZoomBucks.

First lets just say that it seemed to take forever to get to the 2000ZB minimum to get your first cash out. I used it to cash out a $20 Amazon gift card. The fact that it was for $20 made it sting slightly less. Earning here is much different then SwagBucks, and definitely not as easy. I don't even come close to considering myself an average user here since I guess I'm still getting a feel for it. It seems the users that earn the most do surveys. I find them very time consuming for the little bit that you earn. But that's just my opinion. I have done a few offers but not a ton of them. I prefer to stick with what I know when I do attempt to do them. I have made 2 cash outs here in the last 3 weeks, the first for the 2000ZB's and Yesterday for 1000ZB's which is a $10 Amazon gift card. I was actually thinking of shutting it down after ordering my $10 Amazon card, but figured it doesn't really take up a ton of my time and I can just get my lil winnings whenever they happen.

I believe this site could be as good as SwagBucks, but they seem limited in their capabilities. I will say their customer service is pretty quick and mostly efficient. I'm not super impressed with it, since I completed an offer on Gambit for 75ZB's and they only gave me partial credit. They gave me like 65ZB's I guess but I think they should have given me the entire 75. I did everything the offer required, but Gambit is Gambit and they stink, I assumed they'd remedy the issue. Guess they figure their not going to get it from Gambit.

The search wins on here are much lower on average I'd say 5-6ZB's. I usually win only once per day, occasionally twice. It seems the last week or so I've managed to get double wins, but never have in the past. Actually I've gone days without getting a win here, and it doesn't seem out of the ordinary. The other thing they have is this section called ZDaily, you click it from the dash section and you will more then likely win some ZB's, again not huge wins on average 4-5ZB's. So mostly on average about 10-12ZB's per day. I have notice an increase in how often I win, and I am attributing that to clearing my browsers cache, history and cookies, I have to re-log in to everything but that's fine if its helping me to earn more.

I typically use Firefox occasionally Google's chrome and rarely Internet Explorer. If your not sure how to clear your cache click on the How To do things on your PC tab above it will tell you how for each browser, for a quick way to locate it on the page on your keyboard press the CTRL button and the F key, this will bring up the search/find box type in your browser and you'll find it.

If your interested in starting ZoomBucks just click anywhere you see a link for it. Like here!

P. S. If you already do ZoomBucks check out the peanut labs wall for a quick an easy 39ZB's. Look for the offer titled Select your state and find auto insurance. Simply choose your state and that's it. Credit's instantly.
There's also a video for 3ZB's for Windows Phone, but it seems to be broken for me right now. I'll keep trying :)

Good Afternoon from a Beautiful New Jersey!

It's gorgeous out there today! Sunny, slightly breezy but warm. I can't believe it's really Spring time. I never thought it would get here, but here it is and I'm loving it. I took my son for a walk up to "The Avenue" and went to Rite-Aid and bought a few things. What I got was 2 bottles of Soft Scrub Total, 1 twin pack of Thermacare wraps, 1 twin pack pregnancy test (not taking one cause I'm not pregnant but good to have on hand), 4 bottles of Gain dish detergent, and 2 packs of Trident Vitality. I paid a total of $2.76 out of pocket, and received $5 back in +Up Rewards. I seriously love Rite Aid!

I also put together a small review for iRazoo if anyone reading this hasn't joined you may want to.

iRazoo thus far is the slowest paying, however they are super easy to earn a gift card from. I don't do much over there since they really don't offer to much. I get 105 easy points per day, you get 50 points 2x a day for clicking on a site from your search and making a recommendation, located in the recommendation box in the top right corner after your review select yes to recommend or no to not. The 5 points is earned by clicking my account and then Mega Points, this will bring you to their special offers section which is really only Payment Wall offers and there is not a video's section at this time. Hopefully Paymentwall will add one for us and load it with some vids!

So, If you just do the 105 every day you can get yourself $5 a month in Amazon gift cards with no real work involved. I do that and search for wins, I now make sure to get at least 2 wins per day but am always trying for number 3 and 4 for added value. There win's are usually much higher and I've never gotten less then a double digit from a search and commonly get high value searches in the 30's and 40's. This morning I hit a 49 for earthquakes. Right now I'm earning about $10 a month in Gift Cards. Try it if you don't like it you have nothing to lose. I also manage to include a blog post once I've done a few offers from this site.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's a Zoombucks Promo Code out right now! Check your emails and/or the Facebook page for more information. It's worth 6ZB's and it's a limited number of entries, so hurry on over!!

Happy St. Patricks Day! + A CODE ALERT!!!

So there's a Swag code out right now worth 11SB's check your widget or mine over there on the right side of the page, you may have to scroll down a little bit but it's there. Also, if your having trouble getting the hint, I always head to the blog for more information, usually I find what I'm looking for there, as a last resort I'll head on over to the facebook page for more info. 

I found this online and thought it was very pretty so for all of you, on one of the most beautiful days of the year.... 

Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Special Offers

I completed an offer on Super Rewards, and thought I'd share it. Sign up and play Urban Rivals, for 27SB's however it may not be worth your time. It took me a few hours to get to the mandated level 10 for it to credit. However it is easy enough, just continue battling until you make it. The game itself is easy enough, much like the game Yu-Gi-Oh, you collect cards and play them in battle. The only downside is they make you play to level 10 to credit. I will say it credited fairly quickly after I hit level 10.

Also, there were a few video's over on the Gambit wall, in addition to the RV offer.

And RadiumOne also had a hockey oracle video for me.

And there's a banner on the special offers page of SwagBucks for the 1000SB's for Netflix offer. It's a great deal, I took advantage of it a few months ago and got 800+SB's for it. Liked the service enough to keep it for a while.

Good Luck!

P.S. don't forget your screen shots, and emails!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An even better offer for YaySave!

Remember Yesterday I put up a post about the YaySave!.com offer? Well you can view it here. The offer is still live however, Payment wall has added a new offer for 490SB's when you make your purchase. Essentially netting you $15 back in gift cards. $10 from YaySave! and another $5 card from SwagBucks. If you haven't seen it already it looks like this:

Spend $25 at and get 480+10 bonus SwagBucks when you make the purchase. So make your $50 purchase as outlined by to qualify for the $10 Gift card, and so long as you click through payment wall you should get both with no problems. 

(please note I have not tested this offer it is only a deal scenario and could backfire, however I can't see a reason it would.)

:::: ZoomBucks Code Alert :::::

There is a ZoomBucks code out right now. Check your Emails! Hurry it's a limited amount of entries! It was a really easy code, I didn't even have to look anything up!

:::: Swag Code Alert :::::

There's a super easy Swag code out right now! Just check the widget right on over there ----> and you will get a clue that will lead you to the SwagBucks Blog. Hurry up this code is only good for 40 more minutes! It expires at 3pm EST. It is good for 6SB's. HURRY!

Also if you are having difficulty with code location, pay attention when reading the blog post from this afternoon. Not only is the code contained in the post there's lots of useful code info for newbies.

A few Special Offers

So I've been a little busy and trying to do offers.  Here's what I've done the last few days.

Gambit- has had a couple of video's almost everyday, I do them on both SwagBucks and Zoombucks. First I do them on SwagBucks, then I check to see if there on ZoomBucks. I also then check to see the next day if they move those video's into the free section where you click and it opens a new window to watch the video's. This has happened a few times, and in all instances the video's were then worth 2 bucks instead of just 1.

Also on Gambit I did the "Spot it - Where is St. Patrick?" offer for 60SB's. I had to submit a ticket and sent in a screen shot of the last page. So don't forget your screen shots! If you don't know how to do a screen shot visit the "Guide to Special Offers Section" in the link at the top of this page.

Fox Business: Lou Dobbs Tonight watch the video and RSVP through facebook for 15SB's instant credit. Some have said they didn't get credit for it. I pressed the play button watched the entire video then clicked the gold RSVP button just above the video.

Kids love delicious cereals, and moms love that they are simple, convenient and nutritious. for 5SB's.

Gambit Total Bucks earned: 80 + various videos.

Tapjoy- Find your inspiration with this Amazing Application for 17SB's. upload a photo and like the page/app. ( I did this on the 7th and don't exactly remember all the details).

The following are two social theater click the sponsor watch the video offers on Tapjoy. Both of them Auto Credited instantly.
Choose one of four sponsors and watch the iMeet video for 3SB's.
Click for home improvements and watch the video for 3SB's.

Get in on the Hottest online dating for 188SB's. Credited within an hour. First let me just warn you there's a lot of PORN! I was really shocked actually when I saw it all! And nothing shocks me often, so be warned. The offer is for a dating site, however during the sponsor they have a yes/no sign up page for a list of different sites, and all the pictures were nasty! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! It was easy to deactivate/delete the account as well, of course wait until you have been credited. Save your emails I received mine fairly quickly. Also save a screen shot just in case.

Tapjoy total bucks earned: 211

TrialPay- nothing to report here sadly they haven't had any videos the last few days for me. I also haven't qualified for the 90SB survey so they haven't been netting me much SwagBucks. Honestly except for payment on their Daily Deals this wall is pretty useless with out videos, and the 90 point survey, this is just my opinion and we know what their like.

TrialPay total bucks earned: 0!

RadiumOne- First lets get into this 3SB type the phrase reward scenario. Quite a number of swaggers have said they were able to do this offer over and over and over again, some netting 100's of SB's. I wasn't one of them. I was able to complete it a few times through out the day, never more then 2 at a time, and I was only able to complete additionally after an hour or longer. I totally wish I was one of those lucky few!

Sign up for amazing travel deals from Hotwire’s Travel Ticker for 14SB's. Auto Credited within 2 days. I usually don't contact the offer wall until after the allotted time has passed, so if the offer says a few days I wait the 2 days. In this case it held true and I received my bucks. Had I not been credited within 2 days I would have sent emails and/or screen shots.

Win an iPhone now for 11SB's. Auto credited same day.

There were also a few video's here and there for this wall, Call of Duty was on here a few times and a few others.

RadiumOne total bucks earned: 25+ video's. 

Paymentwall-  First be sure you check every day for video's for 2 points. Often if there's even 1 video you will either be able to watch it again for points or get another. So always check, and after you watch check again till you get the we're all out of video's message.

See how fun and affordable an RV Vacation can be. for 30SB's. Instant Credit probably within an hour.

Paymentwall total bucks earned: 30

Super Rewards- Get your Free Guide to Understanding and Managing Arthritis Today for 20SB's. Auto Credit.

Champions Online by Atari for 25SB's. Auto Credit, just follow the instructions.

Join ZedWars today! Fight Zombies before they eat you. for 10SB's. Didn't instant credit so hold your confirmation email, which for this offer I believe was a verification click the link email that's all I received. Remember in order to send a copy of the email with header they basically want you to click forward or reply on the email from the company and then highlight the entire email from top to bottom click copy and then in the super rewards comments box click to paste it. Takes a few seconds and is very easy to to do. If someone has an easier way let me know thanks.

Where Hot Deals Are for 14SB's. It was an auto credit, I received my bucks within 30-45 minutes.

Super Rewards total bucks earned: 74

Don't forget you can choose which sites you wish to use each of the offers on. ZoomBucks typically has the same offers as SwagBucks, they have different offer walls but share a few of the same. You won't find RadiumOne on ZoomBucks, and you won't find Peanut Labs on SwagBucks but they share common Offerwalls like TrialPay, Gambit and SuperRewards. Paymentwall has been "down" on Zoombucks.
Paymentwall is also over on iRazoo for the most part they have the same offers as SwagBucks however there isn't a videos section there yet, but they have more survey options.

If you haven't signed up for the other sites why not now? Just click on any of their names to head on over sign up and get your bucks going! Why work with just 1 site when there are so many more options.

I hope you found this post useful :) don't forget to share it with your friends! Have a great day everyone.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Interesting offer?

I personally haven't purchased anything yet from YaySave. SwagBucks has a relationship with this company and I've been curious to try it. When they first launched they had all kinds of cheap jewlery. I say cheap in the sense that all of it was silver. I personally like silver but prefer white gold. I have a few silver pieces, but I used to have a lot more when I was younger. I think of it more like costume jewlery I guess. Well anyway now they sell household items at a discount. However I can get most of the things they sell even cheaper at my local stores with coupons. And with Rite-Aid I can almost always get it for free or close to free. But for those that don't camparison shop there is an interesting deal over on their site right now. Here's what it looks like:

They are giving a $10 Amazon Gift Card with a $50 Purchase!
The offer is valid on purchases made from March 14-21, 2011
The code will be emailed within 10 days of purchase
Purchase total must reach the $50 point before tax and shipping charges are added. (shipping is just $5 total!)

Also if you haven't shopped at YaySave! before you can use the SuperRewards special offer and scoop 294 SwagBucks for your purchase, not a huge amount but not bad either. Also SwagBucks has it through shop and earn and you can get 2SB's for every 1$ you spend. 

Hopefully some of you can benefit from this offer.

Friday, March 11, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

This is your friendly code reminder!!!

There's a Swag Code out right now for 7SB's! Check your widget's or go right to the SwagBucks facebook page and read their status, for your clue! It only took me a second to get it! Now Hurry it expires at 3:40pm EST!

Viewpoints offer is out and live!

The Viewpoints offer has been released and is live! This time is even easier then the last offer they had. This time you only have to do 5 reviews for a $5 Amazon gift card. Pretty sweet! Although I do like more for more. But 5 bucks is 5 bucks and I'll be perfectly content with only writing 5 reviews. Here's what the offer looks like:

So easy!! If your not sure how to get started or what to do check out yesterdays blog post here, and it should help. If you haven't already signed up remember to sign up through one of the offer walls and gain some bucks for your sign up too!


TGIF! Just about sums it up! For me it means my hubby will be home, less time having to play with toys change dvds, and sleep in (if I'm lucky). I honestly never paid much attention to when the weekend was coming so much since high school, as I have this last few months. This was a rough winter for everyone, and all that cold and snow didn't make it so toddler friendly. Sure an hour out in the snow is good for a little bit of fun and maybe even an extended nap, but after the first day it's just a straight up pain in the butt. Couple all that snow with the really cold temps and you get me and demon child stuck in the house all day everyday, with no outlet for either of us makes for misery. Spring is almost here and I'm ecstatic! I will say I'm not looking forward to the heat waves either but, for now lots focus on spring.

I'm going to add this link to the coupons/savings section for anyone who is interested, It's from the Mambo Sprouts website, and it's a link to their coupons section. There are 3 pages of coupons for Organic products.

Also, there's still a Folgers coffee coupon out there for anyone who's looking for one, it's on (but not in swagbucks coupons) in zip code 07307. It's for a $1 off  when you buy 1 (I think).

This morning's Special Offers Section:

This morning I completed video's on Gambit in both SwagBucks, and Zoombucks, so head on over and click the free section and look for the 2buck video's. There were 3 on Gambit for Zoombucks, and 2 on SwagBucks. These were not listed under the "video's" section. I did complete them yesterday in the video's section on SwagBucks and Zoombucks but this morning they were posted as offers in the free section for the orange puppet video in spanish. The other Social theater video is new this morning, it wasn't there last night that I noticed. Gambit had 2 social theater video's, and I completed both.

There's the Kellogg's sign up offer, and I believe it's on just about every wall for various points. I wouldn't advise signing up for more then one on the SwagBucks page since they instituted their new "Tip" section at the top of the special offers section, it is grounds for termination. However I don't see any rule saying you can't go do it on Zoombucks and get credit there. So price it out and make your choice. I always opt for the higher paying offer.

I also completed the Free Online Pirate game offer on Super Rewards in Zoombucks, it paid 16ZB's. I signed up and then played the game for like 5 minutes or less, I didn't get to into it just drove my ship around for a minute. After that I closed it, it took about 1/2 an hour to credit, I was actually just getting ready to submit a ticket to them for it when I got the email.

If your using multiple sites like I currently am, I've been comparison shopping my offers, like this morning the Pirate game on Super Rewards is only paying 10SB's, but over on ZoomBucks it's paying 16ZB's granted you have to earn an extra 100 Bucks at ZoomBucks for $10 in Amazon Gift Cards (they don't offer $5 cards) over SwagBucks, but it's not bothering me so much.

Later today I plan on doing a real review for everyone on my opinion of the other sites. Not that anyone cares but I love hearing myself talk.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Viewpoints is having another Amazon gift card promo!

Have you signed up yet? If not use one of the offer walls for Viewpoints, and then complete your first review to get credit, it's totally worth it when they run these promo's.  I don't have any special insider information just what's posted on the facebook page.

So here's what they had to say today:

So it looks like they are going to be offering up another great promotion for our reviews. I was really nervous and worried whether or not I'd qualify for the gift card, if I did it right, how do I know if I'm going to get it. There not super organized with that portion of it, but I guess it's hard to get through all those reviews in a quick amount of time to let you know if your reviews qualify. I have both times, and as you can plainly read I'm no great writer. If your not sure how a review should look, you can look at some of my reviews here. It's really easy to do. So far the last 2 promotions you had to do 11 reviews for an $11 Amazon gift card, and 10 reviews for a $10 Amazon gift card, they need to be at least 1 paragraph with a total of 900 characters or more (not words characters). It's really not that hard.

So go on and sign up so you can have your account all set up for the new promotion that's going to start! Getting that first review today will help you get a feel for what your in store for, and it will be one less that you need to worry about. If you wait and sign up during the promo, you have to do all the promotion reviews plus the one for the offer wall, trust me when there's 11 reviews and your not even sure your doing it right the 12th is just that much harder. Also I've done all of my reviews for the promotion the same day they are released, my reason, is that sometimes it says like the first 20,000 reviewers, I want to be sure I'm one of the 20,000! I don't want to go through all that work, and find out I didn't qualify cause I waited an extra day to start/finish the promo.

I've been paid for both of the last 2 promo's, I won one of those Fantastic Friday or Monday Funday (not sure if that's correct) contests it was for St. Ives, and I also won a $25 Amazon gift card for a survey contest they had.  So I'm totally loving Viewpoints!

1 more thing, there's an offer somewhere for My Points, that is not the offer your looking for (just want to be clear) your looking for Viewpoints.

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

Actually there's two codes out right now!

One is for SwagBucks! Check the widget, or just go straight to and read the call of duty blog post. It's good for 5SB's till 7pm EST.

Second code is for iRazoo and is worth 20 points you can get that code from their facebook fan page, it expires tomorrow night at 11:22 PM EST.

Free $20 Target Gift Card!

There's so many daily deal sites its even hard to keep up anymore, but when there just giving away free stuff, it's time for me to hit that up! My mother used to always say "if it's free it's for me" This is a great rule to live by and one of my favs!

So over there at Plum District today, if you sign up and get 4 friends to sign up there going to mail you a $20 Target gift card, good in stores or online. Personally I don't like shopping target online, I'd rather go to the store I'm fortunate enough to have one nearby, and will go there for some freebies and cheapies every once in a while. I have a feeling if I get this card I'll be making a super special coupon clipping cart filling trip there!

As a matter of fact right now they have a bunch of stuff on sale, and with recent high value coupons, plus target store coupons, and mobile coupons you could probably walk out with a huge cart full of stuff for that $20! 

I'm so excited!! Please sign up by my calculations I need 2 more! Thanks Everyone!

The Fine Print

  • Target GiftCards will be mailed to the address you provide within 10 business days
  • Gift cards are subject to all applicable state and federal laws
  • Your referrals must be new Plum District users to count towards your ability to earn Plum Rewards
  • Your referrals must sign up through your unique invitation for this specific Plum Reward (presented during checkout) to count towards your ability to earn this Plum Reward. Referrals who sign up through other any other referral method — including those who sign up while the Plum Reward opportunity is available — will not count towards your Plum Rewards total.
  • To qualify, all of your referrals must sign up through your unique invitation AND confirm their email address before the deal closes
  • You cannot earn Plum Dollars through referrals used to earn this Plum Reward
  • Limit 1 per person
  • Limit 1 per household
  • Expires 01/01/21

Finally offers that work from other sites!

I finally did it! I started completing some other sites special offers! Hope it helps! At least once a week I'll be featuring a different site and which offers I completed, or I may lump them together in one post, we'll see how it goes. 

Here's a small list of iRazoo offers that I have completed, well a very small list but it's something to get you started if you've been as tepid as me. I'm actually quite content with earning my $5AGC over there for very little work.

To access Special offers at iRazoo, click my account then click Earn Mega Points, all the way down at the bottom, you will notice (NEW) in a yellow highlight. Just click right on in there, plus you get 5 iP's per day just for clicking!

1. Save big, signup to get coupons and free samples for 168 iP's. The offer is for

2. Sign Up For Free Jokes And Get Credits! Valid Email Required for 63 iP's.

3. Get the latest deals in your city. for 105 iP's.

4. Get your freebie fix. for 72 iP's.

These all credited within the allotted time in the missing points link. Today's blog post will have netted you 408 iP's. Not bad!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

So there's a 6 point Swag Code out right now! It expires at 7pm EST!!! You'll find a hint in the sWidget! If your having trouble reading it check out the Twitter/swagstore feed! :)

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

There's a Swag Code out right now for 5SB's!!!! Check your widget or the one over there ---> and Hurry expires at 2:30pm EST!

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