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Monday, March 21, 2011

A few quick offers to do

Both are on SuperRewards.

Play Ireland Town for 14SB's it's a facebook game app. I played the game for a little bit earning a few of the early game awards, I didn't play for long maybe a total of 10 minutes or less. I was really just checking it out cause well I'm Irish and it was the day after St. Patrick's day when I did it. The app has promise but needs a ton of work, it's actually quite boring. Wow I really ramble don't I!?! Anyway, it didn't credit right away, it actually took like a full day or so before I got the credits, but I didn't have to submit a ticket. Just remember to take a screen shot.

and there's a 1SB video on there as well for Jr. Scientists.

There's also a video on Gambit for 1SB. I believe the Mento's video may also be there (judging by the comments on the SB facebook page) However, I don't have it on mine.

Paymentwall also has video's right now I'm only seeing Chips Ahoy, 5 viewings for me.

Also on the homepage of SwagBucks, just between the froobi deal of the day and the rotating ad slider, I had a link for the Jun group video's worth 2 points each for Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese.

Also I posted about a payment wall offer for iRazoo this weekend you can read it here. It may work for SwagBucks, if you haven't completed it on iRazoo.

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