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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An even better offer for YaySave!

Remember Yesterday I put up a post about the YaySave!.com offer? Well you can view it here. The offer is still live however, Payment wall has added a new offer for 490SB's when you make your purchase. Essentially netting you $15 back in gift cards. $10 from YaySave! and another $5 card from SwagBucks. If you haven't seen it already it looks like this:

Spend $25 at and get 480+10 bonus SwagBucks when you make the purchase. So make your $50 purchase as outlined by to qualify for the $10 Gift card, and so long as you click through payment wall you should get both with no problems. 

(please note I have not tested this offer it is only a deal scenario and could backfire, however I can't see a reason it would.)

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