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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A few Special Offers

So I've been a little busy and trying to do offers.  Here's what I've done the last few days.

Gambit- has had a couple of video's almost everyday, I do them on both SwagBucks and Zoombucks. First I do them on SwagBucks, then I check to see if there on ZoomBucks. I also then check to see the next day if they move those video's into the free section where you click and it opens a new window to watch the video's. This has happened a few times, and in all instances the video's were then worth 2 bucks instead of just 1.

Also on Gambit I did the "Spot it - Where is St. Patrick?" offer for 60SB's. I had to submit a ticket and sent in a screen shot of the last page. So don't forget your screen shots! If you don't know how to do a screen shot visit the "Guide to Special Offers Section" in the link at the top of this page.

Fox Business: Lou Dobbs Tonight watch the video and RSVP through facebook for 15SB's instant credit. Some have said they didn't get credit for it. I pressed the play button watched the entire video then clicked the gold RSVP button just above the video.

Kids love delicious cereals, and moms love that they are simple, convenient and nutritious. for 5SB's.

Gambit Total Bucks earned: 80 + various videos.

Tapjoy- Find your inspiration with this Amazing Application for 17SB's. upload a photo and like the page/app. ( I did this on the 7th and don't exactly remember all the details).

The following are two social theater click the sponsor watch the video offers on Tapjoy. Both of them Auto Credited instantly.
Choose one of four sponsors and watch the iMeet video for 3SB's.
Click for home improvements and watch the video for 3SB's.

Get in on the Hottest online dating for 188SB's. Credited within an hour. First let me just warn you there's a lot of PORN! I was really shocked actually when I saw it all! And nothing shocks me often, so be warned. The offer is for a dating site, however during the sponsor they have a yes/no sign up page for a list of different sites, and all the pictures were nasty! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! It was easy to deactivate/delete the account as well, of course wait until you have been credited. Save your emails I received mine fairly quickly. Also save a screen shot just in case.

Tapjoy total bucks earned: 211

TrialPay- nothing to report here sadly they haven't had any videos the last few days for me. I also haven't qualified for the 90SB survey so they haven't been netting me much SwagBucks. Honestly except for payment on their Daily Deals this wall is pretty useless with out videos, and the 90 point survey, this is just my opinion and we know what their like.

TrialPay total bucks earned: 0!

RadiumOne- First lets get into this 3SB type the phrase reward scenario. Quite a number of swaggers have said they were able to do this offer over and over and over again, some netting 100's of SB's. I wasn't one of them. I was able to complete it a few times through out the day, never more then 2 at a time, and I was only able to complete additionally after an hour or longer. I totally wish I was one of those lucky few!

Sign up for amazing travel deals from Hotwire’s Travel Ticker for 14SB's. Auto Credited within 2 days. I usually don't contact the offer wall until after the allotted time has passed, so if the offer says a few days I wait the 2 days. In this case it held true and I received my bucks. Had I not been credited within 2 days I would have sent emails and/or screen shots.

Win an iPhone now for 11SB's. Auto credited same day.

There were also a few video's here and there for this wall, Call of Duty was on here a few times and a few others.

RadiumOne total bucks earned: 25+ video's. 

Paymentwall-  First be sure you check every day for video's for 2 points. Often if there's even 1 video you will either be able to watch it again for points or get another. So always check, and after you watch check again till you get the we're all out of video's message.

See how fun and affordable an RV Vacation can be. for 30SB's. Instant Credit probably within an hour.

Paymentwall total bucks earned: 30

Super Rewards- Get your Free Guide to Understanding and Managing Arthritis Today for 20SB's. Auto Credit.

Champions Online by Atari for 25SB's. Auto Credit, just follow the instructions.

Join ZedWars today! Fight Zombies before they eat you. for 10SB's. Didn't instant credit so hold your confirmation email, which for this offer I believe was a verification click the link email that's all I received. Remember in order to send a copy of the email with header they basically want you to click forward or reply on the email from the company and then highlight the entire email from top to bottom click copy and then in the super rewards comments box click to paste it. Takes a few seconds and is very easy to to do. If someone has an easier way let me know thanks.

Where Hot Deals Are for 14SB's. It was an auto credit, I received my bucks within 30-45 minutes.

Super Rewards total bucks earned: 74

Don't forget you can choose which sites you wish to use each of the offers on. ZoomBucks typically has the same offers as SwagBucks, they have different offer walls but share a few of the same. You won't find RadiumOne on ZoomBucks, and you won't find Peanut Labs on SwagBucks but they share common Offerwalls like TrialPay, Gambit and SuperRewards. Paymentwall has been "down" on Zoombucks.
Paymentwall is also over on iRazoo for the most part they have the same offers as SwagBucks however there isn't a videos section there yet, but they have more survey options.

If you haven't signed up for the other sites why not now? Just click on any of their names to head on over sign up and get your bucks going! Why work with just 1 site when there are so many more options.

I hope you found this post useful :) don't forget to share it with your friends! Have a great day everyone.

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