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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Morning Swaggers!!

Good Morning couple of offers I see and I haven't dug in yet. So I'll be updating this post today if I happen to get any good one's. I'll then repost the link back here on the Facebook MyDailySwag page letting you know I've updated it.

On the Homepage between the Froobi deal of the day and the rotating slider where the Jun Group video's are usually located is a Social Vibe video and Short question they want you to fill out for 7SB's. Took less then 2 minutes to complete.

Radium One has a few video's.

Just a quick 11SB's like I said I haven't even dug in yet. This is just what I got on the homepage :) I'll update when/if I have more.

There's also a Really Good deal for today on so check this out.

$25 for $50 worth of Adidas, Keds, LaCoste, Reef and more at - plus free shipping!. Plus new users to Eversave will also get a $2 credit towards their first purchase, reducing this out of pocket expense to $23. Purchase through SwagBucks Daily Deals for 23SB's for every $4 spent or 25ZB's for every $4 spent at Zoombucks! Also when you make your purchase be sure to click through from SwagBucks shop and earn section and earn 2SB's per $1 spent netting you an extra 100SB's. Or go through ZoomBucks and get 5ZB's per $1 spent netting you an extra 250ZB's, making this deal pretty sweet!

Make sure you sign up here first to get your $2 credit then head on over through the links for the sites to get your bucks!

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