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Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Morning!

The first thing I see in my email this morning is a deal from Groupon. Now I don't always buy all the deals I post about but I do buy some of them. I'm on the fence for this one, but it's a good deal I think. There is a currently a Groupon listed in North Jersey for $6 for a 12 months subscription to Glamour Magazine. I'm not really into magazine's all that much to be perfectly honest. I rarely read them unless I'm in the doctors office, and even then I'd rather pick up my phone and text or use mobile web. I'm more of a techie kinda gal. However, since I started couponing I'm always on the lookout for Q's! Now I just have to scour the web and find out if Glamour carries some Q's in there. If they do I will more then likely pick it up.

I know it's all well and good so why am I telling you about it. Well the fact is if you go through SwagBucks daily deals you can make this deal even sweeter with 160SB's! or 159ZB's through ZoomBucks! *note about zoombucks, the ZoomBucks daily deals page says Groupons pay 301ZB's but when you click through it takes you to the trialpay wall where it's listed as 159 so I'm not completely sure how it's going to pay out. You probably could fight for the 301 by taking a screen shot of the daily deals section where it lists it at 301ZB's.

So that's my deal for this morning, and I hope I find us some hot offers to auto-credit!

This is a national deal, if your having trouble locating it, just click through from the trial pay wall of your choice to get the offer linked to your account, once on Groupon you can click to change the location, switch the state to New Jersey and then choose North Jersey, and you should see it either on the front page or on the right hand side in the section that says "More Great Deals Nearby".

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