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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Morning!

I have a high value special offer for you to complete through ZoomBucks if you haven't already completed it before.

Earn 176 ZBucks by registering for Bing Rewards. Join Bing Rewards FREE. It Auto-Credited within maybe 30 minutes of installation. You must complete it using internet explorer version 7 or higher. Just open up internet explorer if it's not your default browser, and navigate to the ZoomBucks page, then to the Tapjoy/offerpall wall.

Over on SwagBucks I completed these offers:

Radium One:

Beauty Discount Club - 40-88% off retail prices! for 41SB's. You sign up and do the click skip/pass through the offers. You will receive an email, click to confirm, then click skip/pass through the pages (there aren't many at all). You should be Auto-Credited within 30 minutes (I was). If not save your email and screen shot the last page.

Payment Wall:

Looking for auto insurance? for 19SB's. I don't actually remember what I did for this offer (sorry), but I'm pretty sure I didn't have to do an actual quote. But I'm not a 100% sure. (sorry)

Super Rewards:

Play World's #1 Fashion Game Fashionista FaceOff! for 4SB's. Facebook app install played it for all of 5 minutes if that and I didn't like it at all. I actually didn't get the concept.

I won't be posting any offers for iRazoo until I find out how they are handling my issue, once that is done I will go back to informing you of iRazoo offers. Let me explain. I did an insurance offer on iRazoo's Payment Wall for a really high amount of iP's. I was actually interested in Auto Insurance, in case you haven't noticed I haven't posted any insurance offers in a while, because I haven't been interested in a quote. Our insurance rate was recently raised so I really am interested in these quotes. I did purchase insurance, although not through the quote. I did give an actual phone number and I did speak with actual agents on their prices. I was told by payment wall that they can't confirm with the company that I completed the quote, even after I sent them 4 emails containing the quote information yes I got 4 different emails, and screen shot of the last page of the offer screen, and even though you have to do a phone authentication (enter the 4 digit code from the computer voice) they can't confirm it! So I want to see what steps iRazoo will be taking to see if I'm credited, all or part of the offer before I continue to do offers there.

There were also video's on all 3 sites, but I couldn't get one of the video's to load on Gambit for Virgin Mobile. So make sure your checking all the walls for Video's today. I had one on Super Rewards, Radium One, Peanut labs and Tapjoy. You may have more you may have less, but it's always good to check!

Also just want to remind everyone who works on all 3 sites, to be sure to shop an offer before completing it. Get the most for your time and effort, it's not something you can get back.

I'm also looking for someone to design an original My Daily Swag logo. I can't afford to pay much and I don't know what the going rate is. So please send all quotes to 

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