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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Saturday Everyone!

All the coupons for free Purex Completed Crystals Softener will be mailed out today.
Congrats to all our winners: Debra, Jackie, and Rosanna.

I'll be giving away some Nestle Good start Formula checks There are 2 of them one for$11.50 off and the other for $3.50 off, for a total of $15. First person to ask for them in this post on the facebook page gets them.

Next up Video's!

Depending what service you frequent, SwagBucks, ZoomBucks, or iRazoo, you should have some vid's on Payment Wall, gWallet/RadiumOne, and Gambit, as well as Peanut Labs. So if you haven't checked any of them now's a great time to earn some fast Bucks.

I also completed a few offers on TapJoy
Like McAfee and protect your PC for 15SB's. Instant Credit.

Find out who broke the internet. Facebook App, for 6SB's.  Mine did not instant credit I took a screen shot of the post on my wall and sent it. They credited me within 24 hours.

I'll be working on offers this week. Hopefully there are a bunch to do.

Not sure what any of this means? Your a newbie and need some guidance check out the Newbies Section Sign up and get started! Your missing out on a whole lot of free money!!!


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