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Monday, March 14, 2011

Interesting offer?

I personally haven't purchased anything yet from YaySave. SwagBucks has a relationship with this company and I've been curious to try it. When they first launched they had all kinds of cheap jewlery. I say cheap in the sense that all of it was silver. I personally like silver but prefer white gold. I have a few silver pieces, but I used to have a lot more when I was younger. I think of it more like costume jewlery I guess. Well anyway now they sell household items at a discount. However I can get most of the things they sell even cheaper at my local stores with coupons. And with Rite-Aid I can almost always get it for free or close to free. But for those that don't camparison shop there is an interesting deal over on their site right now. Here's what it looks like:

They are giving a $10 Amazon Gift Card with a $50 Purchase!
The offer is valid on purchases made from March 14-21, 2011
The code will be emailed within 10 days of purchase
Purchase total must reach the $50 point before tax and shipping charges are added. (shipping is just $5 total!)

Also if you haven't shopped at YaySave! before you can use the SuperRewards special offer and scoop 294 SwagBucks for your purchase, not a huge amount but not bad either. Also SwagBucks has it through shop and earn and you can get 2SB's for every 1$ you spend. 

Hopefully some of you can benefit from this offer.

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