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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lots of changes on iRazoo!

So I thought it was really easy to make at least a $5 Amazon gift card over on iRazoo every month just by doing the two recommendations with comments on the websites you choose to recommend or visit. There really just like giving it away. Right now they don't seem to have a minimum on the amount of characters for the reviews (although I think this will change)I do try and do "good" reviews of the websites to visit because I feel like I'm stealing if I don't. I'm not saying all my reviews are great but I do try to do at least a sentence, and I also know that I may have been reviewing some of the wrong things. Like say I went to the Amazon site through a search for Pajanimals which my son loves. I was really reviewing the Pajanimals instead of the Amazon site. Which I recently realized is wrong.

Well now that I've rambled on about my misgivings here are some of the new changes.

They have added a section to view your points history (from March 26th, 2011 onward). Which I love and I think is important especially if you think your missing points or just wondering how much your earning daily. (minus search wins, hope they add it soon)

Also, in the Mega Points section (offer wall) they had Paymentwall for offers, however they've just added Gambit, and Trialpay! I'm pretty excited about this since Gambit always gives video's to watch, which is huge even though on some of the sites they are low paying like 1SB, 2ZB's, We'll see how it goes here, so far so good.

If you haven't joined iRazoo yet, right now is a great time! They are slightly slow on Gift card payouts but they are getting faster, last check I took about 35days to get my gift card, but it's money in the bank, and I don't mind all that much.

And to top off this post there's a few video's on Gambit you may want to check out, for some iP's! So get in there make those points!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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