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Friday, March 18, 2011

My take on ZoomBucks Love it or Hate it?

Here's a quick run down on my impression and earnings on ZoomBucks.

First lets just say that it seemed to take forever to get to the 2000ZB minimum to get your first cash out. I used it to cash out a $20 Amazon gift card. The fact that it was for $20 made it sting slightly less. Earning here is much different then SwagBucks, and definitely not as easy. I don't even come close to considering myself an average user here since I guess I'm still getting a feel for it. It seems the users that earn the most do surveys. I find them very time consuming for the little bit that you earn. But that's just my opinion. I have done a few offers but not a ton of them. I prefer to stick with what I know when I do attempt to do them. I have made 2 cash outs here in the last 3 weeks, the first for the 2000ZB's and Yesterday for 1000ZB's which is a $10 Amazon gift card. I was actually thinking of shutting it down after ordering my $10 Amazon card, but figured it doesn't really take up a ton of my time and I can just get my lil winnings whenever they happen.

I believe this site could be as good as SwagBucks, but they seem limited in their capabilities. I will say their customer service is pretty quick and mostly efficient. I'm not super impressed with it, since I completed an offer on Gambit for 75ZB's and they only gave me partial credit. They gave me like 65ZB's I guess but I think they should have given me the entire 75. I did everything the offer required, but Gambit is Gambit and they stink, I assumed they'd remedy the issue. Guess they figure their not going to get it from Gambit.

The search wins on here are much lower on average I'd say 5-6ZB's. I usually win only once per day, occasionally twice. It seems the last week or so I've managed to get double wins, but never have in the past. Actually I've gone days without getting a win here, and it doesn't seem out of the ordinary. The other thing they have is this section called ZDaily, you click it from the dash section and you will more then likely win some ZB's, again not huge wins on average 4-5ZB's. So mostly on average about 10-12ZB's per day. I have notice an increase in how often I win, and I am attributing that to clearing my browsers cache, history and cookies, I have to re-log in to everything but that's fine if its helping me to earn more.

I typically use Firefox occasionally Google's chrome and rarely Internet Explorer. If your not sure how to clear your cache click on the How To do things on your PC tab above it will tell you how for each browser, for a quick way to locate it on the page on your keyboard press the CTRL button and the F key, this will bring up the search/find box type in your browser and you'll find it.

If your interested in starting ZoomBucks just click anywhere you see a link for it. Like here!

P. S. If you already do ZoomBucks check out the peanut labs wall for a quick an easy 39ZB's. Look for the offer titled Select your state and find auto insurance. Simply choose your state and that's it. Credit's instantly.
There's also a video for 3ZB's for Windows Phone, but it seems to be broken for me right now. I'll keep trying :)

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