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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oddly weird interesting development?

So here's a really interesting error message I received while trying to complete a Tapjoy offer just a few moments ago.

I clicked on both of these offers:

and received a message stating the offer has been closed. At first I really didn't think nothing of it other then it looked different, then what Tapjoy would normally do. Meaning they would more then likely let me complete the offer and then not put it in my missing Swagbucks link for me to fight (lol). So as I was saying I thought it looked a little off on the first offer, then when I clicked on the second offer and got the same message, I noticed something else. After the re-directs the final web address listed on the page was for a peanut labs address! Now there's no Peanut Labs on SwagBucks but there is on ZoomBucks, which also recently closed their Offerpal offerwall. Offerpal turned to Tapjoy on SwagBucks. So looks to me like Offerpal/Tapjoy is also Peanut Labs! Wonder if they'll be switching over on SwagBucks as well. Guess time will tell. But for now I just thought it was something interesting to share, in case you hadn't noticed.

If you click on the screen shot above, you can see it enlarged.

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