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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prizes mailed! SwagBucks down for maintenance, and Nestle Goodstart.

So I've mailed out the prizes to the winners of the Purex Complete Crystals Softener yesterday. Congrats Again!!

This morning, SwagBucks is down! I can't believe it, I'm shocked! I've been using SwagBucks since June and have never had it not be working. I hope some good changes are coming!

It's a scary sight!

If it comes back up, I had a Kia video on the Trial Pay wall, and both Walmart, and Philly cooking creme vids on Payment wall, 3 video's on Radium One each for 2SB's. Don't forget for one of them you have to click the banner and watch the video. There was also two rotating video's on the SwagBucks homepage for 2 each (located between the rotating ad's and the froobi deal of the day).I forget what they were for but they were starting to add up when the site went down. 

I also have 2 formula checks for Nestle Good start totaling $15. These should be stackable with a coupon. I believe there was a $5 off coupon on the coupons section. If you would like them, please comment in the section on the facebook page.

Need any help? Not sure how you can earn more? Shoot me an email I'll see if I can't help you a little bit. Right now between Swag, Zoom, and iRazoo, I'm averaging 90$ a month in Amazon Giftcards, and I have very little in the way of referrals 2 Active's on Swagbucks (close to maxing out), 1 semi-active, 3 semi-active on ZoomBucks, and 4 semi-Active on iRazoo, it's really not much.

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