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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Quick 45 SwagBucks!

So I just completed to instant credit offers on SwagBucks through Tapjoy. If your new and lost when you go to the SwagBucks page click on Special offers, scroll down a little, click on Tapjoy, then click free. I always click free it's just easier to sort. Sometimes there's not so free offers mixed in and vice versa, but it does lessen the amount of pages to get through.

On my page those offers are stacked as you see in the photo. Your page may be different. Both offers credited Instantly.

Reduce Credit Card Debt, filled out first page, on 2nd page clicked the get my credit score link, refreshed swagbucks and was credited the 39SB's.

Beezag. Watch. Reward. Share. Signed up on the first page, refreshed and was credited the 6SB's. I received a confirmation email but never clicked on it.

That's 2 quick offers time should take less then a minute if your using an auto fill program. If not then less then 3 minutes :) for 45SB's!


  1. Thanks! Got the BeeZag one - but couldn't find the other.

  2. Sorry Nate, some don't always get the same offers :( but sometimes they rotate them I don't know what the criteria is but you can try checking back in a few days :)


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