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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special Offers for SwagBucks

Guess I was kind of laying off the SwagBucks special offers, doing a few of them, lots weren't crediting and I really only like to post those that Auto-Credit leaving very little room for human error, which in turn helps all of you. So, as usual I'll let you know if it Auto-Credited or if I had to send a ticket. No matter what you should ALWAYS take screen shots and save your emails, this is the ultimate proof of your offer completion. Also want to remind everything that if you use any of the other sites, these offers are typically available across all of them that use special offer walls, even in those video games on facebook where it says earn credits. You can use some of these offers there provided they are being offered and provided the company is listed there. However I would like to point out that most of the sites say that you should not complete the offer on multiple walls, as this could lead to account deactivation, so if you do it on more then one site/wall you could risk losing your account. I think there is a fine line here, especially with the video's. I'm not sure how they would work that so to be careful I would get it in writing.

Gambit- Video (s)- The mini cooper credited for me, I know others were having problems, for me it was a social whatever video.

*I'm putting this here because that's who it credited through in my ledger.
On the SwagBucks home page there's an offer in the rotation slider at the top that contains a video it's labeled Visigoth (?) for 2SB's.


Watch a great video and click on a sponsor for 3SB's. Auto-Credit

Yahoo! Recommends Upgrading to Internet Explorer 9 for 31SB's Auto-Credit

Jackson Hewitt - Get $25 off your tax preparation! for 31SB's. Auto-Credit

Get a Free* $1000 Best Buy Gift Card! for 39SB's. Save the confirmation email (will probably go to spam/junk folder) I had to submit a trouble ticket, but it was credited very fast and without incident. I did all the skip/pass clicks. Good Luck, and I hope you get an Auto-Credit!

*I'm putting this here because that's who it credited through in my ledger.
On the SwagBucks home page there's an offer in the rotation slider at the top that says "like" McAfee on facebook for 10SB's.

Not much going on here, unless you have bought a Daily Deal. (for me, check your wall for vids though)


Dial for Men - 30 Days of Dirt Sweepstakes on Facebook. Giving away daily prizes and weekly grand prizes! for 9SB's Auto-Credit (took a while)

Check out Farmers Insurance Smack Attack for March Madness! Auto-Credit (took a while)

You love to travel and you love to win right? for 15SB's. Auto-Credit ( I did this through the slider but it shouldn't make a difference)


Does your eyes have trouble producing tears? for 30SB's. When you click the offer a page will open look for the banner for Restasis click it, on the next page fill out the info for the coupon (i think that was it) click to print it, remember you don't actually have to print it, just turn off your printer and click the print button, when the printer manager comes up, you can cancel any pending print jobs. I think clicking the print button activates the offer, and I'm not sure if its the link in the email or the link right after filling out your info. Side tracked cause I feel like this offer should read Do your eyes have trouble producing tears? instead of Does, I have really bad grammer/english skills so I'm not sure lol,  now aren't you glad you found my blog!

Super Rewards -
I've reported all the offers I did there the last few times, but if you missed my post on it I'll give you a copy and paste :)

You can also snatch up a quick 20 on SuperRewards by completing the Musicians! Win $100,000 Gear for Life Giveaway at zZounds for 20SB's. I'm not sure how long it took to credit but definitely within an hour or so. I completed the offer, then played with my son and did a few other things, when I just came back it had credited.  I also filled in the long form... just in case ;)

Play Ireland Town for 14SB's it's a facebook game app. I played the game for a little bit earning a few of the early game awards, I didn't play for long maybe a total of 10 minutes or less. I was really just checking it out cause well I'm Irish and it was the day after St. Patrick's day when I did it. The app has promise but needs a ton of work, it's actually quite boring. Wow I really ramble don't I!?! Anyway, it didn't credit right away, it actually took like a full day or so before I got the credits, but I didn't have to submit a ticket. Just remember to take a screen shot.

and there's a 1SB video on there as well for Jr. Scientists. 

This blog post will have netted you... Well I don't know cause I don't feel like adding it up, so I'm going with 100+SB's :)

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