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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Special Offers

I completed an offer on Super Rewards, and thought I'd share it. Sign up and play Urban Rivals, for 27SB's however it may not be worth your time. It took me a few hours to get to the mandated level 10 for it to credit. However it is easy enough, just continue battling until you make it. The game itself is easy enough, much like the game Yu-Gi-Oh, you collect cards and play them in battle. The only downside is they make you play to level 10 to credit. I will say it credited fairly quickly after I hit level 10.

Also, there were a few video's over on the Gambit wall, in addition to the RV offer.

And RadiumOne also had a hockey oracle video for me.

And there's a banner on the special offers page of SwagBucks for the 1000SB's for Netflix offer. It's a great deal, I took advantage of it a few months ago and got 800+SB's for it. Liked the service enough to keep it for a while.

Good Luck!

P.S. don't forget your screen shots, and emails!

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