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Friday, March 11, 2011


TGIF! Just about sums it up! For me it means my hubby will be home, less time having to play with toys change dvds, and sleep in (if I'm lucky). I honestly never paid much attention to when the weekend was coming so much since high school, as I have this last few months. This was a rough winter for everyone, and all that cold and snow didn't make it so toddler friendly. Sure an hour out in the snow is good for a little bit of fun and maybe even an extended nap, but after the first day it's just a straight up pain in the butt. Couple all that snow with the really cold temps and you get me and demon child stuck in the house all day everyday, with no outlet for either of us makes for misery. Spring is almost here and I'm ecstatic! I will say I'm not looking forward to the heat waves either but, for now lots focus on spring.

I'm going to add this link to the coupons/savings section for anyone who is interested, It's from the Mambo Sprouts website, and it's a link to their coupons section. There are 3 pages of coupons for Organic products.

Also, there's still a Folgers coffee coupon out there for anyone who's looking for one, it's on (but not in swagbucks coupons) in zip code 07307. It's for a $1 off  when you buy 1 (I think).

This morning's Special Offers Section:

This morning I completed video's on Gambit in both SwagBucks, and Zoombucks, so head on over and click the free section and look for the 2buck video's. There were 3 on Gambit for Zoombucks, and 2 on SwagBucks. These were not listed under the "video's" section. I did complete them yesterday in the video's section on SwagBucks and Zoombucks but this morning they were posted as offers in the free section for the orange puppet video in spanish. The other Social theater video is new this morning, it wasn't there last night that I noticed. Gambit had 2 social theater video's, and I completed both.

There's the Kellogg's sign up offer, and I believe it's on just about every wall for various points. I wouldn't advise signing up for more then one on the SwagBucks page since they instituted their new "Tip" section at the top of the special offers section, it is grounds for termination. However I don't see any rule saying you can't go do it on Zoombucks and get credit there. So price it out and make your choice. I always opt for the higher paying offer.

I also completed the Free Online Pirate game offer on Super Rewards in Zoombucks, it paid 16ZB's. I signed up and then played the game for like 5 minutes or less, I didn't get to into it just drove my ship around for a minute. After that I closed it, it took about 1/2 an hour to credit, I was actually just getting ready to submit a ticket to them for it when I got the email.

If your using multiple sites like I currently am, I've been comparison shopping my offers, like this morning the Pirate game on Super Rewards is only paying 10SB's, but over on ZoomBucks it's paying 16ZB's granted you have to earn an extra 100 Bucks at ZoomBucks for $10 in Amazon Gift Cards (they don't offer $5 cards) over SwagBucks, but it's not bothering me so much.

Later today I plan on doing a real review for everyone on my opinion of the other sites. Not that anyone cares but I love hearing myself talk.

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