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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Viewpoints is having another Amazon gift card promo!

Have you signed up yet? If not use one of the offer walls for Viewpoints, and then complete your first review to get credit, it's totally worth it when they run these promo's.  I don't have any special insider information just what's posted on the facebook page.

So here's what they had to say today:

So it looks like they are going to be offering up another great promotion for our reviews. I was really nervous and worried whether or not I'd qualify for the gift card, if I did it right, how do I know if I'm going to get it. There not super organized with that portion of it, but I guess it's hard to get through all those reviews in a quick amount of time to let you know if your reviews qualify. I have both times, and as you can plainly read I'm no great writer. If your not sure how a review should look, you can look at some of my reviews here. It's really easy to do. So far the last 2 promotions you had to do 11 reviews for an $11 Amazon gift card, and 10 reviews for a $10 Amazon gift card, they need to be at least 1 paragraph with a total of 900 characters or more (not words characters). It's really not that hard.

So go on and sign up so you can have your account all set up for the new promotion that's going to start! Getting that first review today will help you get a feel for what your in store for, and it will be one less that you need to worry about. If you wait and sign up during the promo, you have to do all the promotion reviews plus the one for the offer wall, trust me when there's 11 reviews and your not even sure your doing it right the 12th is just that much harder. Also I've done all of my reviews for the promotion the same day they are released, my reason, is that sometimes it says like the first 20,000 reviewers, I want to be sure I'm one of the 20,000! I don't want to go through all that work, and find out I didn't qualify cause I waited an extra day to start/finish the promo.

I've been paid for both of the last 2 promo's, I won one of those Fantastic Friday or Monday Funday (not sure if that's correct) contests it was for St. Ives, and I also won a $25 Amazon gift card for a survey contest they had.  So I'm totally loving Viewpoints!

1 more thing, there's an offer somewhere for My Points, that is not the offer your looking for (just want to be clear) your looking for Viewpoints.

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