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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where's My Daily Swag

Recently I've been presented with numerous questions asking about the blog. Not a ton of questions but enough that I feel deserves answering. I'm going to post everything I can about the last few weeks before I stopped making posts.

Let me first say that I do enjoy doing the blog and sharing all of my experiences with everyone.
However, it's a little time consuming. It's not hard or anything of the sort, just time consuming. I have a 20 month old boy that is very active. This kid doesn't sit still for anything. His feet don't stop from the time he wakes up, till nap time, and then all over again until bed time. He's adorable, and funny, and cute, like all babies. But he's tough! He demands my attention from morning till night. Sure I get some breaks, a few minutes here, a few minutes there. So, I was starting my blog post at 8am and it wasn't getting finished till 10 or 11am sometimes sooner, sometimes later, and in between writing it, I was doing offers, and searching, and recommendations, and clicking here and there, and everywhere. It's nothing hard, it's just all time consuming, and I couldn't even get it done the way I envisioned it because of my time constraints. My time is very valuable to me, and even more so to my son.

I was working hard at trying to build it, and get more readers, and I just was getting burnt out. It's great when you see it growing, more "likes" more followers, another reader here, and there and it's great, you ride the high of it all. And then this lull comes and you wonder is it all worth it. What am I really getting out of it. Is this going to help my family in the long run, or is it just becoming all to much. I couldn't even hit enough likes in march to condone giving away a $5 AGC, which the odds aren't stupendous but not bad in the way of giveaways, especially considering how many people probably don't even read my posts. Then after asking a few times (in blog posts) about how to get a logo made or if someone could submit an estimate and I received 0 responses, at that point I just felt like who's even reading this, anyone at all? I can't even give away free money, let alone buy a domain and get this really going.

I posted the address to here a few times on the SwagBucks facebook page and was immediately bullied out of doing it anymore, even though the swag for dummies link get's posted 500 times a day, by all different people. Sometimes not all things are equal. I'm not a competitor to SwagBucks, but I do post information for competitors sites. My site was here for users of all the sites. I did start with just SwagBucks because that's where I started! Yes I have referral links, so what. I take the time to write about about my experiences and hopefully help some other users, like myself. I didn't have any one to help me, let alone a place to go to learn how to even start out. I did it all by trial and error. It doesn't take long to master the in's and out's of the game, once you get started but if I had a place to go like here, it wouldn't have taken me nearly as long. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything my site isn't anything big, but it's more then what is/was out there.

Then I applied to be added to the SwagBucks blog thingy. I still haven't received a response on the matter. Day's later all the big sites started tagging posts to the SwagBucks facebook page, along with ton's of BS in my opinion. You have sites out there right now that post codes and everything else there not suppose to. Have you seen there What is SwagBucks sections? They are horrible, and don't teach you anything really.

So that's what happened here at My Daily Swag, I felt defeated in a sense, and I sort of gave up, don't get me wrong I wasn't trying to get rich quick or anything like that. But I was hoping this blog could pay me a few dollars a month. As it stands I've been here since November, and I haven't generated enough to even get a cash out. Making less then 5 cents a day, and very little in the way of referrals for any site. Yes I've gained a few, but not many at all. I'd say at most 15 total (that's through 4 different sites), and only around 6 were/are active. 2 through SB's, 2 through ZBs, and 2 through iRazoo, ID I'm not sure but not many only averaging around a nickle a week from referrals.

So that's that. My son is more important to me then anything else in this world. How could you not give up everything for this face!


Just to be clear I'm not giving up My Daily Swag, just taking a break, since I'm a little burned out :) 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

::::: Code Alert ::::

There's a Swag Code out right now! It's for 6SB's and is only good till 2:45pm EST so hurry!!!

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's an iRazoo treasure code out. It's worth 30iP's.  The code is "bigpointsfromoffers" and it expires on 4/16/2011 at 8:00 AM EST. Head on over to iRazoo and enter the code in the treasure code section.
If you haven't joined yet now is a really great time just click anywhere it says iRazoo!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's a code out right now worth 5SB's it will expire at 8:30pm EST. Not sure what the sWidget will say but head on over to the facebook page to get the code!

Monday, April 11, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

There's a code out right now! Check the widget for the clue that will lead you to the SwagBucks Blog. From their you've got to do word problem to deduce the answer. It doesn't list an expiration time which usually means it won't last long. So HURRYHURRY!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

:::::Code Alert:::::

There's a Swag Code out right now! It's worth 8SB's until 5pm EST!!! Hurry up and check the widget for it's location!

Friday, April 8, 2011

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's a Swag Bucks code out right now! Hurry on over and check the widget!! It's only good till 7pm EST!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

::::: Code Alert :::::

It's a Swag Code and it's worth 5SB's till 6pm EST! So hurry on over to the widget and get the clue to it's location. It's a choosing code I chose team Swag even if my team loses I'll be going down fighting!

::::: Code Alert :::::

There's a Swag Code out right now! I had to check the twitter feed through the SwagBucks main page in the chat bar by wibiya at the bottom, then clicked on twitter, to view the most up to date tweets by SwagBucks. It's worth 6SB's till 10am. (unless it get's pulled early)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick Heads Up!

If you've ever done any insurance quote offers over on the Tapjoy wall, now is a great time to go re-click on them. If you get the message that you've already completed a quote from us or something similar, refresh your swagbucks balance and see if it didn't credit for you.

Yesterday I did a bunch of insurance offers, and maybe one of them credited on Super Rewards featured in my last Special Offers blog post. I kept reading how people were clicking on insurance quote offers and getting instant bucks without doing the quotes. I never got that once so I just decided to do the offers, since I'm actually shopping insurances, our rate went up a little over $100 and I'm just looking to see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Anyway I just finished uploading all my screen shots from photobucket and was just starting to send in my tickets, I did the first one for discount-auto-insurance, and sent it in, was doing the next one for state-auto-insurance, and I couldn't remember how it started so I clicked the one I thought it was again, and it said I already got a quote blah blah blah, so I closed it and continued on. I then remembered all the chatter about the insurance quotes not being able to be completed but were crediting so I refreshed my balance, sure enough it went up HUGELY my number went up over 1600SB's by reclicking the offers I did yesterday.

So start clicking and hopefully you have 1 or 2 or more that will credit.

Also, just want to friendly remind everyone that not all offers work the same for everyone and your experience may be different.

Have a great day!

Good Morning

Couple of offers for ya

SwagBucks Super Rewards:

Click your way to save on Home Insurance in 2010 for 79SB's Auto Credit not sure how long it took I did it last night before bed and it was in my account this morning. 

All the CBS Games for 20SB's each, did not auto credit for me. Keep in mind that they do say 24 hours. I contacted support and I got my 20 for each one. I didn't even send them a screen shot or an email, so I guess maybe they are having issues with the auto-credits. Do all 3 keep a screen shot of each for 60SB's total. 

Fast Auto Insurance Quotes for 30SB's. Auto-Credit. 

SwagBucks Radium One:

Say hello to your new phone the Windows Phone App for facebook 11SB's I can't even tell you how happy I am that this offer is back! After you get to the facebook page click the blue bar to view the demo, it will ask to install the app to your facebook, press Ok to allow it. At this point you should get an auto-credit for the 11SB's (I always have). As soon as you are done un-install it. If you don't know how to do that you can view instructions on the How To Do Stuff On Your PC page, There's a section (second one down) on how to remove a facebook app, its really easy!

Play NCIS: LA Undercover Ops only from and win a chance to visit the set for 14SB's.

The Most Anticipated Web-Game in AD 2011! for 5SB's.

Win an NYC Trip! for 11SB's. Auto Credit after clicking on Confirmation email and setting up account. 

SwagBucks Tapjoy:

Watch the new Windows Phone Demo for 10SB's. It's the facebook app! So make sure you un-install as soon as your done with it!

I'll be back hopefully with more later today or tomorrow. Please note that those that don't list if whether or not I had to send a ticket in, are ALL auto-credited. Don't forget to check for Video's! I am having trouble with Radium One crediting the Windows 7 video for 2SB's. 

Go team Swag!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

:::: CODE ALERT ::::

It's a ZoomBucks promo code! Check your emails and or their facebook page! Limited entries hurry! HURRY!
P.S. it's worth 6ZB's!

:::: Code Alert ::::

There's a code out right now!! Check the Widget and get your bucks! Expires at 5pm EST! So hurry on up!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

:::: Code Alert :::::

There's a Swag Code out right now! It's worth 5SB's and expires at 9pm EST! Head on over to The SwabBucks Blog and look for the post titled "Game On" in it you will be asked to decide which team you think will win the NCAA Championship.

Your choices will be Butler or University of Connecticut. Copy and paste the code for the team you think will win in the "gimmie" box. Also remember no spaces before or after the code.

In addition if the code doesn't work the first time, refresh the page or press the F5 key on your keyboard to do it and then get a new code. Each code is typically only good for under a minute so if it takes you to long you need a new one.

Good Luck on your choice and Have a great evening everyone!

Go Team SWAG!!! ;)

:::: Code Alert :::::

There's a swag code out good till 4pm EST.  PS my twitter didn't update... I had to see it through the "wibya chatbar" on the swagbucks home page.

Good afternoon :)

I was auto selected to join team Swag the other day. Which is perfectly fine by me :)

Here's a few things I did the last few days on SWAGbucks:

Radium One print the coupon for Quiznos for 9SB's paid in about 20 minutes or so. If you don't actually want to print the coupon, unplug your printer and then click to print it. When the print jobs load bottom right by your clock click to cancel print job :)

Super Rewards: All of these were an auto-credit. 

Amazing Daily Deals 50-90% Off Save 50-90% off items at stores you know as trust like Walmart, Target, Sears, eBay and many more. Find all the best deals in one easy to use website. for 4SB's!

Save now on health insuranceCompare free quotes and save on Health Insurance. Protect yourself and your family. for 25SB's

Beauty Discount Club Sign up with our Club Today and Receive Beauty Product Discounts From 40 – 88% off Retail Prices! for 33SB's

Check for video's across all sites. 

Lately I have been doing the Ken Fisher Tasks they pay well are easy enough and don't take a ton of time to do. So If you haven't wanted to or were to nervous to try them, check the tasks that say: "Search for terms and record the search results" Also make sure you have downloaded Internet Explorer (version 9) and the Bing bar, there's also a yahoo toolbar offer out there do a search at the top of this page to find the post on it. If not check the offer walls, I know there's a few offers for both the download and the search bar so do them separately to get the most bang for your Bucks! Also don't forget to check all the sites for the best payout.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

:::: Code Alert :::::

There's a SwagBucks code out right now for 12SBs! I didn't see an expiration date so don't delay it can and will expire at any minute!

We have a Triple Play!

 Yep that's right, video's to watch across all three of the search and earn websites.

And there are video's on Gambit (all 3 sites), TapJoy, Radium One, and Peanut Labs. Remember sometimes offers vary from person to person, wall to wall, site to site, so your best course of action is to check all the walls on each site and see what's waiting for you.

These will keep you busy for a lil bit while I check and see if the Wheel of Fortune facebook offer is working on which walls :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

:::: Code Alert ::::

There's a ZoomBucks code out right now worth 7ZB's! Check your email or their facebook page for more details! Remember they limit the number of redemption's/entries!

I feel like a Super Moron!

So I made a poll up asked everyone to vote only to find out your not given a choice to which team you go on! It automatically decides...

So here's a new poll :

Am I a Super Moron?
Yes! A Super Moron is what you are!
NO! Your just a regular moron! free polls

Have a great MEGA SwagBucks day!!
P.S. Don't forget to do your searches and dailies on the other sites this morning... (I did!)

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