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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Morning

Couple of offers for ya

SwagBucks Super Rewards:

Click your way to save on Home Insurance in 2010 for 79SB's Auto Credit not sure how long it took I did it last night before bed and it was in my account this morning. 

All the CBS Games for 20SB's each, did not auto credit for me. Keep in mind that they do say 24 hours. I contacted support and I got my 20 for each one. I didn't even send them a screen shot or an email, so I guess maybe they are having issues with the auto-credits. Do all 3 keep a screen shot of each for 60SB's total. 

Fast Auto Insurance Quotes for 30SB's. Auto-Credit. 

SwagBucks Radium One:

Say hello to your new phone the Windows Phone App for facebook 11SB's I can't even tell you how happy I am that this offer is back! After you get to the facebook page click the blue bar to view the demo, it will ask to install the app to your facebook, press Ok to allow it. At this point you should get an auto-credit for the 11SB's (I always have). As soon as you are done un-install it. If you don't know how to do that you can view instructions on the How To Do Stuff On Your PC page, There's a section (second one down) on how to remove a facebook app, its really easy!

Play NCIS: LA Undercover Ops only from and win a chance to visit the set for 14SB's.

The Most Anticipated Web-Game in AD 2011! for 5SB's.

Win an NYC Trip! for 11SB's. Auto Credit after clicking on Confirmation email and setting up account. 

SwagBucks Tapjoy:

Watch the new Windows Phone Demo for 10SB's. It's the facebook app! So make sure you un-install as soon as your done with it!

I'll be back hopefully with more later today or tomorrow. Please note that those that don't list if whether or not I had to send a ticket in, are ALL auto-credited. Don't forget to check for Video's! I am having trouble with Radium One crediting the Windows 7 video for 2SB's. 

Go team Swag!!!

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