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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick Heads Up!

If you've ever done any insurance quote offers over on the Tapjoy wall, now is a great time to go re-click on them. If you get the message that you've already completed a quote from us or something similar, refresh your swagbucks balance and see if it didn't credit for you.

Yesterday I did a bunch of insurance offers, and maybe one of them credited on Super Rewards featured in my last Special Offers blog post. I kept reading how people were clicking on insurance quote offers and getting instant bucks without doing the quotes. I never got that once so I just decided to do the offers, since I'm actually shopping insurances, our rate went up a little over $100 and I'm just looking to see if I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Anyway I just finished uploading all my screen shots from photobucket and was just starting to send in my tickets, I did the first one for discount-auto-insurance, and sent it in, was doing the next one for state-auto-insurance, and I couldn't remember how it started so I clicked the one I thought it was again, and it said I already got a quote blah blah blah, so I closed it and continued on. I then remembered all the chatter about the insurance quotes not being able to be completed but were crediting so I refreshed my balance, sure enough it went up HUGELY my number went up over 1600SB's by reclicking the offers I did yesterday.

So start clicking and hopefully you have 1 or 2 or more that will credit.

Also, just want to friendly remind everyone that not all offers work the same for everyone and your experience may be different.

Have a great day!

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