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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where's My Daily Swag

Recently I've been presented with numerous questions asking about the blog. Not a ton of questions but enough that I feel deserves answering. I'm going to post everything I can about the last few weeks before I stopped making posts.

Let me first say that I do enjoy doing the blog and sharing all of my experiences with everyone.
However, it's a little time consuming. It's not hard or anything of the sort, just time consuming. I have a 20 month old boy that is very active. This kid doesn't sit still for anything. His feet don't stop from the time he wakes up, till nap time, and then all over again until bed time. He's adorable, and funny, and cute, like all babies. But he's tough! He demands my attention from morning till night. Sure I get some breaks, a few minutes here, a few minutes there. So, I was starting my blog post at 8am and it wasn't getting finished till 10 or 11am sometimes sooner, sometimes later, and in between writing it, I was doing offers, and searching, and recommendations, and clicking here and there, and everywhere. It's nothing hard, it's just all time consuming, and I couldn't even get it done the way I envisioned it because of my time constraints. My time is very valuable to me, and even more so to my son.

I was working hard at trying to build it, and get more readers, and I just was getting burnt out. It's great when you see it growing, more "likes" more followers, another reader here, and there and it's great, you ride the high of it all. And then this lull comes and you wonder is it all worth it. What am I really getting out of it. Is this going to help my family in the long run, or is it just becoming all to much. I couldn't even hit enough likes in march to condone giving away a $5 AGC, which the odds aren't stupendous but not bad in the way of giveaways, especially considering how many people probably don't even read my posts. Then after asking a few times (in blog posts) about how to get a logo made or if someone could submit an estimate and I received 0 responses, at that point I just felt like who's even reading this, anyone at all? I can't even give away free money, let alone buy a domain and get this really going.

I posted the address to here a few times on the SwagBucks facebook page and was immediately bullied out of doing it anymore, even though the swag for dummies link get's posted 500 times a day, by all different people. Sometimes not all things are equal. I'm not a competitor to SwagBucks, but I do post information for competitors sites. My site was here for users of all the sites. I did start with just SwagBucks because that's where I started! Yes I have referral links, so what. I take the time to write about about my experiences and hopefully help some other users, like myself. I didn't have any one to help me, let alone a place to go to learn how to even start out. I did it all by trial and error. It doesn't take long to master the in's and out's of the game, once you get started but if I had a place to go like here, it wouldn't have taken me nearly as long. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything my site isn't anything big, but it's more then what is/was out there.

Then I applied to be added to the SwagBucks blog thingy. I still haven't received a response on the matter. Day's later all the big sites started tagging posts to the SwagBucks facebook page, along with ton's of BS in my opinion. You have sites out there right now that post codes and everything else there not suppose to. Have you seen there What is SwagBucks sections? They are horrible, and don't teach you anything really.

So that's what happened here at My Daily Swag, I felt defeated in a sense, and I sort of gave up, don't get me wrong I wasn't trying to get rich quick or anything like that. But I was hoping this blog could pay me a few dollars a month. As it stands I've been here since November, and I haven't generated enough to even get a cash out. Making less then 5 cents a day, and very little in the way of referrals for any site. Yes I've gained a few, but not many at all. I'd say at most 15 total (that's through 4 different sites), and only around 6 were/are active. 2 through SB's, 2 through ZBs, and 2 through iRazoo, ID I'm not sure but not many only averaging around a nickle a week from referrals.

So that's that. My son is more important to me then anything else in this world. How could you not give up everything for this face!


Just to be clear I'm not giving up My Daily Swag, just taking a break, since I'm a little burned out :) 


  1. I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated! Take a break and take care of yourself and your adorable little one - they always come first! My little guy just turned 3 :)
    Hope to see you back soon!

  2. Your son should be first in your life. Not SwagBucks or any other "free" money site or anythign for that matter. He's a cutie!

    Your blog helped me learn how to use SwagBucks. When I was first starting I was on your site eeryday. But as I learend what I was doing and was able to figured special offers out myself I found myself not needing to check on the blog all the time.

    I still do read your blog when I see something on the facebook feed that I didn't know about. I hope you keep posting WHEN YOU HAVE TIME about other things than SwagBucks special offers. I do like to know what is going on in the world of discount shopping. I really have no patience to search but I enjoy learning about different deals.

  3. My Son is always first in my life. :) I use these sites to buy him all the things I can :) and a few things here and there for myself. But they currently pay for diapers, gifts, and random stuff, I hope to be able to do our entire Christmas on these sites this year. We have a hard time controlling our spending when it comes to Christmas time, so this year I plan to be more budget conscious and strictly use Amazon. Last year I was able to do about 250-300 on there through swagbucks. This year I'm using more sites, and earning a lot more. So I plan on doing it all via Amazon and search and earn sites.

    It makes me happy that this blog is actually helping people! I'm glad you don't/didn't need to check in anymore. Once you get it, you get it! That's awesome!! It's doing what it was meant to do :)

    I'm thinking of just going weekly, with everything I've done. Mostly I've been sticking to tasks, Ken Fisher seems to come back weekly, but it's really getting out there now and they are gone so fast! I don't get as many offers anymore, seems the walls aren't putting up anything new in any kind of bulk. Gambit only shows me 4 offers on SwagBucks, the other sites, if I click on half of them it says they are no longer valid.

    Also if you didn't know you can do the tasks on all the sites. Just be careful of them not crediting if you do them through like Matomy, that happened to me twice with no missing offers link!

    Well It's a beautiful day here again in Jersey Time to take my Demon outside to play :)

  4. Way to go your adorable son is most important! Thank you for the postings that you have given us.

  5. I just want you to know that this site really helped me when I first started swag bucks back in November-- WAY more than the swag for dummies site. I look forward to seeing more posts from you...and if there's any way us readers can help you out, let us know please!

  6. This site helped me get started and I do check when you post something. It comes up on Facebook and I check to see if it's something that I can do, or just updates on sites I have not signed up on yet. Take a break and take care of your little boy (he comes first) but I will be here to read when you post. I think people did not respond to your request for a logo for the same reason I did not, I do not have professional logo experience. I am handy with a computer and can make certain things but thought you were looking for a "professional" logo from a company or graphic designer.

  7. Just so you know I have enjoyed reading your post and using the info that you have so freely given. I agree family first and the face on your young one is too cute to be missed. Take a break but I will still check here now and again to see what you are up to.
    I am very sorry that things did not go as you had hoped. But do not be discouraged, although few may comment I believe you have a good many followers that just come look and go without commenting or liking.

  8. Thanks for all the support :)


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