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Thursday, May 26, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

There's a code out right now you can get it on the SwagBucks Facebook Page or on Twitter, I grabbed mine off Twitter :) It's for 5SB's and it's good till 11am EST.

Just want to let you all know that today there is a Swag Code extravaganza!!! So keep your eyes peeled on the widget throughout the day to enjoy all the codes they will be offering.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Special Offers @ SwagBucks

Here's a bunch of offers I completed since May 12th, 2011. Took a little bit to get me to sit down and do a post, and get them searchable in the blog. I plan on adding a ZB and iP post as well just remember for the most part those that work for SB's should in general work on the other sites, and vice-versa.


Get a Free Sample of Tide! for 35SB's. Remember to do the Skip/Pass buttons.

Sorry Quick Note for Newbies: Also PLEASE remember not to enter your cell phone or even house number. Head on over to K7 or Google voice and get a free phone number, it doesn't cost anything and you can enter that number for everything. However when you see those screens that looks like there's no other option then to enter the phone number and hit continue, click on your keyboard the following: Ctrl + F, then type in the word Pass, and press enter, the pass button/link should highlight so you can see it, if not try typing in Skip. These companies are very "shady" as it were, using different font colors to trick your eyes into thinking there is no skip/pass button. 


Join Arthritis Connect for Free to take control of your arthritis! for 33SB's. Quick and easy payout. I read on the facebook page that there were a few similar offers to this one that all paid out. Just remember not to refresh the special offers page before completing them, usually if you complete one they all disappear if you refresh or navigate from the page. Not always but sometimes.


Nothing since windows phone 7 app install and the Internet Explorer offer.

Radium One- This is my money maker usually. I seem to complete most offers here most of the time.

Windows phone 7 for 17SB's this morning!

Check out Hawaiian Tropic on Facebook for 5SB's.

Play Carnival Games - Monkey See, Monkey Do on Kinect for 6SB's.

Show what you know. Play the new MSN Leader of the Now trivia game and you could win $100 for 7SB's.

Win An Unforgettable Summer Vacation For Two Or $1000 to Shop At LOFT for 7SB's.

ShoeDazzle - Welcome to Your Own Personal Style Paradise! for 15SB's.

Would you like Free Auto Insurance Quotes? for 12SB's.

Save Big on Life insurance for 27SB's

Life Insurance Rates for 20SB's

No Medical Health Insurance for 20SB's

Fast Auto Insurance Quotes for 10SB's

-Note: Those 4 offers were enter zip then choose provider or something like that I never entered any info or received an actual quote.

Get your Delft blue portrait for 9SB's. I think it was an app install for FB.

If you haven't already joined the Super Points network here are a couple of invites


Get the hot new Lady GaGa Album Born this way for $0.99!  Plus a free 20GB upgrade of Cloud Storage. This is a huge price point Saving over $12! I mean it's like they're giving it away. This is one of the reasons I love amazon so much!

Here's some of the fine print:

Album Savings: $12.87 compared to buying all songs

  • This version contains: 14 songs and 1 digital booklet
  • Original Release Date: May 23, 2011
  • Format - Music: MP3, Digital Booklet PDF
  • Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player 
Amazon Cloud Player for Web and Android
Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player give you unlimited access to your music on the Web or from your Android device. Start with 5GB of free storage or get a free upgrade to the 20 GB tier with an MP3 album purchase. All Amazon MP3 purchases saved directly to Cloud Drive are stored for free.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

:::::: CODE ALERT ::::::

There's a Swag Code out right now worth 6SB's and is good till 9:45pm EST. Check your swidget or mine! If you don't know where mine is it's right on over there on the right side of this page. Click the swag code button to check for a code, then copy and paste it into the gimmie box located on the swagbucks homepage.

Have a great evening everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

High Value Treasure Code!

There's a high value Treasure code out on the iRazoo Facebook Page. It's worth 40 iP's. Once you haven gotten the code head on over to the Treasure Code page and enter it. Here's a snip it of their Facebook status.

If you haven't joined iRazoo yet, now is a great time to get a good start with the high point Treasure code!

They are currently working on an automated system for gift card delivery to help speed up the process. Right now you could be waiting as long as 45 days sometimes longer. They have decent customer service, I get the feeling it's only a handful of people working at this company, and they are growing.

Personally I like everyone else hates the slow delivery, however I know they are coming I don't really worry about it, and I continue to earn more their every month. I will say that doing tasks are really helping me out, but I only do a few of them every week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A little Tip for those who use Tasks

For those of you who take advantage of the Crowd Flower/Gambit tasks on the sites, I have a small tip if you didn't think of it already. I have the bing bar for IE installed using the rewards program and when I do the search tasks for for fisher and others, I have been using Internet Explorer and the Bing site until I've hit the marks for the day. It's really helping me earn a lot more!

Well just thought if you loved Ken Fisher as much as I do it might be something you hadn't thought of.

I also do them across 4 sites right now as many as I can get in on each, if your not already a member check the four links I have just over to the right there. I don't know why but it seems that they pay better on iRazoo, I don't know why but I just feel like I earn faster when I do them there. I've ordered a card everyday this week on iRazoo! I'm up to $35 this month there that's awesome considering I was only earning $5 a month, then $10 now I'm just killing it.

I may wait longer for my cards but they've always payed and they are currently working on an automation for them which is great. Once that happens they may become my number 1 site (we'll see I'm a swagger for life).

Monday, May 16, 2011

Finally... More earnings at ZoomBucks!

Zoombucks has officially launched a video earning section! It looks the same as the one on Inbox Dollars, answer the questions (survey type), watch the video and pay attention a 2 digit code will come across the screen, first one number in a black bar, then a 2nd number in a black bar you will need to watch the video and enter the code to collect your bucks, if you've ever watched a Beezag video it's pretty much the same.

Still it's a great feature to earn more ZoomBucks with. So, if you were hesitant on joining for the lack of earning potential now might be a great time to hop on board.

Modnique and Super Points

So there's this shopping site called they sell lots of different marked down retail items. Every user receives a $5 bonus sign up credit just for creating an account, they currently have a great deal on some Core Bamboo items, also after you sign up if you agree to get the daily email you'll receive free shipping on your order. They currently have a handful of items marked at $10! So, you could actually get a great item for $5 shipped! I'm thinking of the 2 medium cutting boards myself. If you haven't check it out here and sign up!

Yesterday I joined this SuperPoints Network, currently I'm un-impressed. Seems like you need referrals but there's no standardized link you have to invite via email or via a link. Each user gets X number of referral invites per day. The special offers are basically a joke as there's only 2 walls. There's a video section but I only had the 1 video when I joined. There's also the Super Lucky Button... Which seems very un-lucky for me. I have only been a member for less then 24 hours (but 2 days) and I get 30 spins per day. Yesterdays 30 netted me 0 points. and so far today I'm in 15 spins, with 0 points gained. Either I'm doing something wrong or it's just bad karma for me.

I'm not saying it's bad maybe it gets better with more referral. If you haven't joined I will leave my 5 invites for the day here sign up if you want to take your chances with the button.

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Thursday

Okay so if you didnt do my Facebook post from yesterday then your in for a small happy dance for your procrastination. The 2 offers I told you about were only worth 23 for the Internet Explorer 9 download and 11 for Windows Phone 7. See below with the rest of the Special Offers that worked for me.


Internet Explorer 9 45SB's!! I only got 23 and it credited instantly.

Windows Phone 7 for 11SB's. The same but that's 11SB's more then you had none the less

Receive Amazing Discounts and Specials Direct to your Facebook News Feed! for 5SB's.

Check out Hawaiian Tropic on Facebook for 5SB's. Just click that small like button the first page that pops up. You can unlike it once you get credited.


Windows Phone 7 for 15SB's. Make sure it's already installed before attempting.

In addition if you are using, iRazoo, or Zoombucks, these offers should also be listed on those sites if you want to get the most Virtual Currency for your hard work, price them out and do them on the one that most fits your need. I have done some of the offers everywhere, bumping my total's across all 3. I also intend to stop on over on Inbox Dollars today to see what they have going on and check out a few videos, October will be here before I know it. That's when I cash out for Christmas they take a little while to process the checks. Even though mine are usually only for $40 that's at least 2 Christmas presents but more then likely more! So it's definitely time to boost my earnings there my $6.xx isn't going to get me much! 

If you use tasks a lot to boost your earnings, and you haven't already I suggest signing up for any of the sites listed they all have sections for Crowd Flower tasks. I have been known to do them across as many as I can before they are completely gone. :) There's little banners listed for each of the 4 I use they are to the right of your screen under the big black facebook feed box, and are titled: Online Earning Websites.

Remember if you ever have any questions feel free to email 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10/2011 A few Instant crediting offers :)

Here's a few offers that instantly credited for me!

I did them all via SwagBucks, I also did some on iRazoo's new Peanut Labs wall which if you haven't noticed if you complete 5 offers or surveys within 24 hours you get a 900 iP bonus! The first day they launched I only completed 3 of 5 and it credited, so maybe there's a glitch somewhere.  I won't be posting those today cause they were mostly the little survey's at the top for 268 (I think). I also did a bunch of offers that didn't credit there, I may post those Sunday or Monday if I find the time so you know to steer clear of them.

I also completed the Internet Explorer with Yahoo download, more then once, without un-installing the first version, I downloaded directly from IE. I simply clicked the offer to download, clicked to run set up then received an error that there was a more current version, when I refreshed my total it had already credited.


What's Your RealAge? 41SB's. Did not instant credit had to submit a ticket.

Windows phone 7 if you see it complete it as many times as you can. Mine recently went away, when it did it was as high as 17SB's! Don't forget to uninstall it from your facebook each time.

HP Scrapbook another facebook app, uninstall it after it credits so you can complete it again and again.

Grocery Discount Club Your #1 Website for Local Coupons for 44. Had to submit a ticket.

Your chance to win an amazing escape! 10SB's.

FeedYourFrenzy - Hungry for free stuff? 10SB's. 


Vote to Reward your Favorite Local Business! for 42(i think) It auto-credited for me. I was also lucky enough to complete it a 2nd time off the message in my SwagBucks inbox for 72?

Welcome to Gourmet Ranch. The best farming-cafe game on Facebook! Instant credit after reaching level 4, for 34SB's. ( I was surprised how much it paid! and jumped right on it.)

Payment Wall-

Be one of the first to learn about the secret at for 17SB's.

Install app on Facebook Meet the New Windows Phone and watch demo in full. for 12SB's. It never returned only R1 is good like that :)


Play Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do on Kinect for 7SB's.

Get a free insurance quote and save money for 5SB's.

You could save $522 Get free Auto Insurance quotes in minutes and save up to $522 a year! for 40SB's

Find Restaurant Deals Get the latest deals on Restaurants Near You! for 14SB's.

Watch the new Windows Phone Demo Watch the new windows demo and install the Facebook Application to receive Swag Bucks. for 8SB's. Another one that only allowed it once and the amount was for far less.

Get Free Health Insurance Quotes! Sign up today and receive your free health quotes for 9SB's.

Don't forget to print some coupons before you go to the grocery store! You don't need to buy that stuff but you can certainly leave them on the item in the grocery store, playing coupon fairy can be lucrative sometimes! I usually print the one's a I may use, and when they start getting close the expiration date and I haven't used them I leave them on the shelf with the product. I don't want to waste ink and paper printing coupons, so I really only print those I "might" use, and of course those I will use!

Also don't forget if your shopping online to check the offerwalls, and then shop and earn to earn some bucks for your purchases, reducing what you end up paying in the end, by getting a SwagBucks rewards in exchange. 

Well have a great day/week/month. Not sure when I'll get back again hopefully soon!!

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