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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10/2011 A few Instant crediting offers :)

Here's a few offers that instantly credited for me!

I did them all via SwagBucks, I also did some on iRazoo's new Peanut Labs wall which if you haven't noticed if you complete 5 offers or surveys within 24 hours you get a 900 iP bonus! The first day they launched I only completed 3 of 5 and it credited, so maybe there's a glitch somewhere.  I won't be posting those today cause they were mostly the little survey's at the top for 268 (I think). I also did a bunch of offers that didn't credit there, I may post those Sunday or Monday if I find the time so you know to steer clear of them.

I also completed the Internet Explorer with Yahoo download, more then once, without un-installing the first version, I downloaded directly from IE. I simply clicked the offer to download, clicked to run set up then received an error that there was a more current version, when I refreshed my total it had already credited.


What's Your RealAge? 41SB's. Did not instant credit had to submit a ticket.

Windows phone 7 if you see it complete it as many times as you can. Mine recently went away, when it did it was as high as 17SB's! Don't forget to uninstall it from your facebook each time.

HP Scrapbook another facebook app, uninstall it after it credits so you can complete it again and again.

Grocery Discount Club Your #1 Website for Local Coupons for 44. Had to submit a ticket.

Your chance to win an amazing escape! 10SB's.

FeedYourFrenzy - Hungry for free stuff? 10SB's. 


Vote to Reward your Favorite Local Business! for 42(i think) It auto-credited for me. I was also lucky enough to complete it a 2nd time off the message in my SwagBucks inbox for 72?

Welcome to Gourmet Ranch. The best farming-cafe game on Facebook! Instant credit after reaching level 4, for 34SB's. ( I was surprised how much it paid! and jumped right on it.)

Payment Wall-

Be one of the first to learn about the secret at for 17SB's.

Install app on Facebook Meet the New Windows Phone and watch demo in full. for 12SB's. It never returned only R1 is good like that :)


Play Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do on Kinect for 7SB's.

Get a free insurance quote and save money for 5SB's.

You could save $522 Get free Auto Insurance quotes in minutes and save up to $522 a year! for 40SB's

Find Restaurant Deals Get the latest deals on Restaurants Near You! for 14SB's.

Watch the new Windows Phone Demo Watch the new windows demo and install the Facebook Application to receive Swag Bucks. for 8SB's. Another one that only allowed it once and the amount was for far less.

Get Free Health Insurance Quotes! Sign up today and receive your free health quotes for 9SB's.

Don't forget to print some coupons before you go to the grocery store! You don't need to buy that stuff but you can certainly leave them on the item in the grocery store, playing coupon fairy can be lucrative sometimes! I usually print the one's a I may use, and when they start getting close the expiration date and I haven't used them I leave them on the shelf with the product. I don't want to waste ink and paper printing coupons, so I really only print those I "might" use, and of course those I will use!

Also don't forget if your shopping online to check the offerwalls, and then shop and earn to earn some bucks for your purchases, reducing what you end up paying in the end, by getting a SwagBucks rewards in exchange. 

Well have a great day/week/month. Not sure when I'll get back again hopefully soon!!

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