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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Thursday

Okay so if you didnt do my Facebook post from yesterday then your in for a small happy dance for your procrastination. The 2 offers I told you about were only worth 23 for the Internet Explorer 9 download and 11 for Windows Phone 7. See below with the rest of the Special Offers that worked for me.


Internet Explorer 9 45SB's!! I only got 23 and it credited instantly.

Windows Phone 7 for 11SB's. The same but that's 11SB's more then you had none the less

Receive Amazing Discounts and Specials Direct to your Facebook News Feed! for 5SB's.

Check out Hawaiian Tropic on Facebook for 5SB's. Just click that small like button the first page that pops up. You can unlike it once you get credited.


Windows Phone 7 for 15SB's. Make sure it's already installed before attempting.

In addition if you are using, iRazoo, or Zoombucks, these offers should also be listed on those sites if you want to get the most Virtual Currency for your hard work, price them out and do them on the one that most fits your need. I have done some of the offers everywhere, bumping my total's across all 3. I also intend to stop on over on Inbox Dollars today to see what they have going on and check out a few videos, October will be here before I know it. That's when I cash out for Christmas they take a little while to process the checks. Even though mine are usually only for $40 that's at least 2 Christmas presents but more then likely more! So it's definitely time to boost my earnings there my $6.xx isn't going to get me much! 

If you use tasks a lot to boost your earnings, and you haven't already I suggest signing up for any of the sites listed they all have sections for Crowd Flower tasks. I have been known to do them across as many as I can before they are completely gone. :) There's little banners listed for each of the 4 I use they are to the right of your screen under the big black facebook feed box, and are titled: Online Earning Websites.

Remember if you ever have any questions feel free to email 

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