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Thursday, May 19, 2011

High Value Treasure Code!

There's a high value Treasure code out on the iRazoo Facebook Page. It's worth 40 iP's. Once you haven gotten the code head on over to the Treasure Code page and enter it. Here's a snip it of their Facebook status.

If you haven't joined iRazoo yet, now is a great time to get a good start with the high point Treasure code!

They are currently working on an automated system for gift card delivery to help speed up the process. Right now you could be waiting as long as 45 days sometimes longer. They have decent customer service, I get the feeling it's only a handful of people working at this company, and they are growing.

Personally I like everyone else hates the slow delivery, however I know they are coming I don't really worry about it, and I continue to earn more their every month. I will say that doing tasks are really helping me out, but I only do a few of them every week.

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