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Monday, May 16, 2011

Modnique and Super Points

So there's this shopping site called they sell lots of different marked down retail items. Every user receives a $5 bonus sign up credit just for creating an account, they currently have a great deal on some Core Bamboo items, also after you sign up if you agree to get the daily email you'll receive free shipping on your order. They currently have a handful of items marked at $10! So, you could actually get a great item for $5 shipped! I'm thinking of the 2 medium cutting boards myself. If you haven't check it out here and sign up!

Yesterday I joined this SuperPoints Network, currently I'm un-impressed. Seems like you need referrals but there's no standardized link you have to invite via email or via a link. Each user gets X number of referral invites per day. The special offers are basically a joke as there's only 2 walls. There's a video section but I only had the 1 video when I joined. There's also the Super Lucky Button... Which seems very un-lucky for me. I have only been a member for less then 24 hours (but 2 days) and I get 30 spins per day. Yesterdays 30 netted me 0 points. and so far today I'm in 15 spins, with 0 points gained. Either I'm doing something wrong or it's just bad karma for me.

I'm not saying it's bad maybe it gets better with more referral. If you haven't joined I will leave my 5 invites for the day here sign up if you want to take your chances with the button.

Have a great day everyone!

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