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Monday, May 23, 2011

Special Offers @ SwagBucks

Here's a bunch of offers I completed since May 12th, 2011. Took a little bit to get me to sit down and do a post, and get them searchable in the blog. I plan on adding a ZB and iP post as well just remember for the most part those that work for SB's should in general work on the other sites, and vice-versa.


Get a Free Sample of Tide! for 35SB's. Remember to do the Skip/Pass buttons.

Sorry Quick Note for Newbies: Also PLEASE remember not to enter your cell phone or even house number. Head on over to K7 or Google voice and get a free phone number, it doesn't cost anything and you can enter that number for everything. However when you see those screens that looks like there's no other option then to enter the phone number and hit continue, click on your keyboard the following: Ctrl + F, then type in the word Pass, and press enter, the pass button/link should highlight so you can see it, if not try typing in Skip. These companies are very "shady" as it were, using different font colors to trick your eyes into thinking there is no skip/pass button. 


Join Arthritis Connect for Free to take control of your arthritis! for 33SB's. Quick and easy payout. I read on the facebook page that there were a few similar offers to this one that all paid out. Just remember not to refresh the special offers page before completing them, usually if you complete one they all disappear if you refresh or navigate from the page. Not always but sometimes.


Nothing since windows phone 7 app install and the Internet Explorer offer.

Radium One- This is my money maker usually. I seem to complete most offers here most of the time.

Windows phone 7 for 17SB's this morning!

Check out Hawaiian Tropic on Facebook for 5SB's.

Play Carnival Games - Monkey See, Monkey Do on Kinect for 6SB's.

Show what you know. Play the new MSN Leader of the Now trivia game and you could win $100 for 7SB's.

Win An Unforgettable Summer Vacation For Two Or $1000 to Shop At LOFT for 7SB's.

ShoeDazzle - Welcome to Your Own Personal Style Paradise! for 15SB's.

Would you like Free Auto Insurance Quotes? for 12SB's.

Save Big on Life insurance for 27SB's

Life Insurance Rates for 20SB's

No Medical Health Insurance for 20SB's

Fast Auto Insurance Quotes for 10SB's

-Note: Those 4 offers were enter zip then choose provider or something like that I never entered any info or received an actual quote.

Get your Delft blue portrait for 9SB's. I think it was an app install for FB.

If you haven't already joined the Super Points network here are a couple of invites

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