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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Notes worth mentioning.

Just a couple of quick things I thought I'd write about if you all didn't know. I'm sure most of you do since I'm at this thing less and less. I am quite exhausted lately. I'm walking 22 blocks almost every day now. I did a horrible thing and started smoking again, and I really hate the way it makes me feel. The positives, I have a great tan, and am losing some weight! Life is so crazy!!

So anyway here's whats going on around the sites.

I'm going to only point this out and say that it is true for me. You may be having a different experience

iRazoo (for me) is running 20 days on Amazon Gift Cards! That's amazing considering 3 months ago it was taking 45 days to get your card. The negative here is they changed the recommendations of sites to only 10 points each. You can get 150 points from this a day, but it's a lot of work and I honestly haven't been doing it. For April and May I earned around $50 in giftcards, but have since fallen off track since the recommendation change. I was also scooping a good amount from peanut labs (offer wall) with the bonus 900 points, but they don't credit anymore so, so much for the bonus.

Zoombucks made an announcement on their facebook page yesterday that stated the following:

After their announcement some questions were made within the comments section of the post here's Zoombucks answers to some questions.

Soo, if you haven't joined Zoom or slacked off b/c of the first cash out at 2000ZB's. I will admit it took me forever to hit it! Most users find they win the most points doing surveys, tasks, and special offers. This holds true for all the sites, but especially with Zoombucks, their search win points are usually very low, and definitely not high enough to make you even a $5 Amazon Gift card in a month. I also recently switched to having my cash out's sent in the form of Walmart Cards. Might as well get some groceries or clothes or whatever really at walmart instead of more Amazon Cards although they are sooo nice to shop with!

So off topic but I finally got my account back over $100. I couldn't figure out why it took so long, till just now, no more Zoombucks cards lol. I bought my son 2 items from their in the last 45 days or so. I got him the step 2 red sandbox table, and the step 2 big round blue water table. He loves them both! They are definitely not as fancy as some of the other one's but they do the job, and he really doesn't even notice the difference.

I don't really have any new, news to report on SwagBucks or even Inbox Dollars. But wanted to share a little bit of info I have seen, and experienced.

I also just wanted to point out a quick note about special offers for some of the newbies and even oldies.
Don't forget each persons experience with a special offer may be different, what instantly credit's for me, may not for you. Also remember before starting offers, to start with a clean slate, this has almost always helped me in a situation where I see everyone got credit and I didn't. So I clear my cache/cookies, recent history, and try again 9 out of 10 times The offer credits (again each persons experience may be different). If your not sure how to do this, see the link on the right side of this page, pointing you to: How to do stuff on your PC.

Also, don't forget about the search feature at the top of each page, you can instantly search for an offer and see if I completed it. If I did it will tell you I got credit, and how, whether instantly or by contacting the offer wall.

Don't forget, even though I'm not at my computer a 100 hours a day anymore, I still get email's and, facebook on the go. So if you need a question answered, please don't hesitate to ask it. I have a bad habit of forgetting to read the comments here on the blog I usually find them a day late, but I do get to them :)

 I'm also considering doing some store coupon and sale match ups for Food Basics ( a division of A&P ), what are your thoughts? (comments are welcome)

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