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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SuperRewards.... from last night ;)

So last night I completed a couple of special offers before Facebook went all wonky. I don't get to sit at the computer as often as I liked to. The warm weather is here, and I am constantly out with my son. I do get mobile but I have a touch screen phone that is mega annoying to try and type anything out on, so I don't do posts from my phone. I love all the features it has, just hate that dang touch keyboard! I so wish they had the the slide out keyboard when we were phone shopping :( Well anyway, If I can't multi-task at my computer I'll shut it down and quit even if it is my only free time to get on. I'm usually just to tired to deal with it, and last night facebook going wonky gave me the incentive to shut down after only being at the computer for 15 minutes! So in that time I did the following offers, plus a few that didn't credit. But here are the one's that worked. They all took longer to credit, cause if they had I would have posted this last night.

The Auto Insurance Scout: Get FREE Auto Insurance Quotes! for 13 SB's!

Discover One Amazing New Product Every Day Learn about something new every day - watch a video and meet the inventors. Discover unique gift ideas and products you won't see anywhere else for 13SB's

Save hundreds on Life Insurance Compare multiple Life Insurance quotes. No medical required. for 40SB's!

I Also had a video on SuperRewards this morning.

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