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Friday, July 29, 2011

::: iRazoo Code! :::

According to the iRazoo Facebook Page there's a code out that expires tonight! Here's what it says:

*Don't forget to vote for my son in the Gerber Generation Photo Search :) It's almost over!

**Also was wondering if any of you tasks users seen the 80SBs, 450 iP's, or 83ZB's, pay out fisher tasks listed this week? I did see one I think it was the Third Job one? Just wondering If I should keep looking or wait till next week. Thanks!

Monday, July 25, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT ::::: HURRY HURRY!!!!

There's a Swag Code out right now! It's worth 8SB's and is only good till 7pm EST. Check the widget which will lead you to the blog! (hint: it's right under the "Bachelorette" poll

Friday, July 22, 2011

Special Offers ~ and a Code Alert!!

Ok so its super hot out there, and I had some time to do a bunch of offers today. I did a bunch on Radium One and on Super Reward, and I hit 1 on Peanut Labs! Don't forget all or most of these offers may be available for higher payouts on the other sites. Today I used SwagBucks. So shop around, for the best deal to get the most bucks for your time. 

Here's what I got instantly credited:

Radium One-

Here's a special sneak preview of Hollywood's first Social Film.- click through watch video instant credit for 1SB!

Sign up and get Swag Bucks at Zumbox! for 20SB's. Quick and easy sign up. It does state they will mail you a pin number, however you don't need to enter it to get the SwagBucks :)

Sign Up For Home Depot - Get Alerts On New Products and Low Prices. for 11SB's. (took a few minutes but did credit)

Want to save on your next asthma prescription and beyond? for 14SB's. I disconnected my printer and followed all the way through including clicking the print button. Once it was in my printer Queue I deleted the print job.

Do You Have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease? for 14SB's.

Are You or Someone You Love Suffering From Rheumatoid Arthritis? for 23SB's.

Super Rewards:

Video- NEW: Peggy -- Transfer - Discover Card Commercial for 1SB.

Free car insurance quoteSave up to $500 a year on your car insurance today. Select your state to see deals in your area. for 10 SB's. Just select your state, I did click on a link on the next page cause I think it makes it work properly lmao, i'm batty like that ;)

Let us match you with the best health insurance providers!Fast, easy, and free. Points are rewarded in 10 seconds! for 6SB's. I did click on a link or 2 on the next page reasons as stated above.

Free Service Shows You How to Earn a Degree OnlineRegister Free and Get Access to Scholarships and Education Grants to Earn a Degree Online. for 26SB's. You will get a confirmation email to click on, I got 2 even though I only clicked once, and I got credit.

Peanut Labs:

Video with "The Hoff" for 2SB's, had to watch about 45seconds to get credit.

Sign Up For Free Info On Living With Diabetes! for 29 Swag Bucks.

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow we celebrate my boys 2nd birthday (his b-day is actually the 24th)

So Happy Birthday to my Little Monster :)

Don't forget to vote for him in the Gerber Generation Photo Search :)

There's also a SwagBucks code out! Just check the widget right on over there ---- > for your code!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

::::: THERE'S A SWAGHUNT :::::

There's a Swag Code Hunt going on right now. The code is good till 6pm EST. and worth 12SB's! Happy Hunting :) To start yourself off, check the widget for your first clue :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special Offers ~ SwagBucks

There's a bunch of video's over on the new Peanut Labs tab. I'm happy to see the tab, but would have been exstatic for the bonus points for completing X number of offers :( I sooooooo miss that at iRazoo.)

I also noted this post as SwagBucks, however you can do these offers on any of the sites so long as they contain those offerwalls, I have found that if it works on one it typically works on all (not always but most times) So if  you don't like SwagBucks, use iRazoo, or ZoomBucks! if you haven't signed up use the links over there on the right side to sign up today and boost your earnings across all the sites! And don't forget to do the tasks whenever they are available, typically the highes paying (although they went from 120 to 80!) is any of the Tasks for Ken Fisher or Fisher Investments, yes there boring but a great way to earn bucks/points!

Video on Gambit

Radium One, I did the following offers:
Don't laugh lmao... Internet Explorer 9 download for 20SB's! (I hate that its been moved to weekly, but happy I still get it!)

Video for 1SB (who do they think they are they used to mostly pay 3! oh how I miss those days) there's an in page video and a second that you click to go to the video then watch it.

E-bay Survey  thingy I clicked through from the slider, it was worth 20SB's took a few minutes to credit but did credit, and it was a VERY long, yes no survey thingy.

Krave Crusader, clicked to install app, then clicked the Like button, credited. However the time it took to load after clicking to allow app was forever, not sure if it was them, FB, or my Verizon DSL (who by the way sent me a notice today saying I need to upgrade to fios! SOB's!)

Okay have a great/day/week I'll be back soon, it can't stay this hot forever lol

PS don't forget to vote for my Cutie Pie thanks :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intstant pay out Special Offers for me :)

Lunchables - Jewel's Purse
Enter for a chance to win Jewel's Purse and select items in it. for 23SB's. Allow Facebook, then type in what's in your purse. Enter your info, to enter sweepstakes. Instant Credit.

Tag Your Green- for 11SB's. Follow instructions, fast and easy.

Radium One~ Download Internet Explorer 9 for 20SB's (i <3 this one)

There's also a Video on Gambit and Super Rewards.

Have a great day everyone :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

Check the Widget for a Code worth 5SB's! Expires at 2pm EST!! HURRY HURRY!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

::::: CODE ALERT :::::

There's a SwagBucks code out right now! Check out what the SwagBucks Facebook page had to say!

Hurry it expires at 7:30pm EST!

~Peanut Labs~ Video's

There's a few Video's on Peanut Labs page, for iRazoo, there each for 15. I also have 2 offers for advertising surveys

Thursday, July 7, 2011

There's a 5 er out!! Catch it fast! before it expires!!

There's a 5 SB code out right now!! Check the widget for the clue and get your 5er!!
Hurry it expires at 5pm EST!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New 7 point SwagBucks code out! +bouns bucks on Zoom!

Right now there's a code out for SwagBucks! Check the widget which will lead you to the twitter feed where you'll find yourself a code worth 7SB's expires at 7pm EST.

After your finished entering your code, head on over to ZoomBucks and start working on some tasks which will net you a bonus 5ZB's for each task completed until: July 6 @ 3:00AM EST! Now I just Hope fisher comes to play tonight :)

Have a great day everyone, and I hope you all had a Super great Holiday!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

****Want 10 SwagBucks?****

Well there's a code out right now! Just check the widget for the clue that will lead you to the SwagBucks blog :)

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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