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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Special Offers ~ SwagBucks

There's a bunch of video's over on the new Peanut Labs tab. I'm happy to see the tab, but would have been exstatic for the bonus points for completing X number of offers :( I sooooooo miss that at iRazoo.)

I also noted this post as SwagBucks, however you can do these offers on any of the sites so long as they contain those offerwalls, I have found that if it works on one it typically works on all (not always but most times) So if  you don't like SwagBucks, use iRazoo, or ZoomBucks! if you haven't signed up use the links over there on the right side to sign up today and boost your earnings across all the sites! And don't forget to do the tasks whenever they are available, typically the highes paying (although they went from 120 to 80!) is any of the Tasks for Ken Fisher or Fisher Investments, yes there boring but a great way to earn bucks/points!

Video on Gambit

Radium One, I did the following offers:
Don't laugh lmao... Internet Explorer 9 download for 20SB's! (I hate that its been moved to weekly, but happy I still get it!)

Video for 1SB (who do they think they are they used to mostly pay 3! oh how I miss those days) there's an in page video and a second that you click to go to the video then watch it.

E-bay Survey  thingy I clicked through from the slider, it was worth 20SB's took a few minutes to credit but did credit, and it was a VERY long, yes no survey thingy.

Krave Crusader, clicked to install app, then clicked the Like button, credited. However the time it took to load after clicking to allow app was forever, not sure if it was them, FB, or my Verizon DSL (who by the way sent me a notice today saying I need to upgrade to fios! SOB's!)

Okay have a great/day/week I'll be back soon, it can't stay this hot forever lol

PS don't forget to vote for my Cutie Pie thanks :)

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