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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a few little reminders.....

1. Don't forget when your printing from or any other website that may be offering those coupons through their website to check swagbucks coupon section first! It's 10SB's every time your redemption get's processed. (10-12 weeks) Also if you don't mind wasting a little extra ink, try playing "coupon fairy" by printing out a couple extra coupons and dropping them next to the product in the grocery store, especially if your only printing one or two coupons, 3 print to a page, so when I print I always add the extra. Not only does it feel good to give, but it's nice to see that little bump in your earnings. P.S. You can also use Inbox Dollars to get $0.10 back on each Q!

2. When completing tasks, clear your history after each completion, I personally do the "Fisher Tasks" after I complete them on each site I clear my history, yes it is a little annoying to re-log in everywhere, but I've found I have no issues completing tasks on all 4 of the sites. And it really helps me grow my earnings across all.

3. With all the Special Offer walls being on just about every site now, shop the offer, I know the Trial Pay wall tracks you by IP address, so you won't be able to complete an offer on ZoomBucks, if you completed it on iRazoo already. So shop the walls see where you getting the best value for your time and energy.

4. When making purchases from Daily deal sites, like groupon, homerun, living social, etc. Check the offer walls and/or each sites Daily Deals sections, look for who's offering the most for you buck.

5. When shopping online, shop through the one of the sites, and get Virtual Dollars back for your purchases, this can add up to some great savings when everything goes through without issues. Sometimes I'll shop for what I want add it all to my basket then go back through say a SwagBucks Shop and earn link just to make sure my pc or the black hole hasn't disconnected me during my shopping, I just go back to the link and check out. Search each site for the store your looking for! There's usually great double dip deals, say you buy a groupon, then go through one of the offerwalls, or use the shop and earn sections in SwagBucks and ZoomBucks, to get additional bucks! ZoomBucks, shop and earn varies by store, SwagBucks is more simple with 2SB's for every $1 spent. So shop them during your shopping trip!

5. If you have need some help (I'm not perfect, but I think I'm pretty good) You can always contact us (really me) at or by posting on our facebook page. (sometimes I don't notice the facebook posts fast enough)

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