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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello Readers!!! It's a Big Day!!

My Daily Swag, is now a DOT COM!!  So exciting!! I got a really great deal on buying the domain name for a year, so I figured why not go ahead and give it a shot. See how we do. I've been at this only for a few months, but fall will be here before I know it, and I'll be back inside working my hiney off to take care of all the wonderful things online, and in my house. Which by the way looks like a tornado hit it!

I want to thank everyone who voted for my son during the Gerber Milestone Baby photo contest. Although we didn't win the iPad2, we are still waiting on the final judgements (unless they've been given and I have no clue cause we lost lol). October will be a big month for getting in gear. So if you've been lapsing this summer, with running out with your kids and going nuts like I have, hang in there school is almost here (not for me 1 more year)

Come fall I plan on instituting a whole new mess of stuff for us. Getting us the best free stuff and more, from our time and energy. So I invite you to hang in there with me and invite your friends to join us this Fall!

I can't promise to get all I want to do done, until Fall, so for now you'll get my random what I can get up when I'm home posts. I promise hang in there with me, it's gonna get good!

Oh I almost forgot WELCOME TO: MyDailySwag.COM!!!

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