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Friday, August 19, 2011

Whoa! New offerwall on SwagBucks? Get a Quick 6SB's!

See what happens when you take a 4 day vacation! You get new offers!! lol

Anywho whilst checking the wall out, I haven't dug to deep into it yet, I clicked on free, and then did the following offer on the new Sponsor Pay wall:

TicketSizzle - Online Ticket Site

Find great seats at the best prices with Ticket Sizzle. Search from over 70,000 sports, concerts and theater events today

I clicked to search a sporting event (NY Giants) then I clicked one of the 4 choices that popped up for me, waited for it to load. Then I went out with my lil one for a while, and when I got back it had credited :) Hope yours does too!

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