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Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Morning!

Well It really is a good morning! First I got to sleep an extra hour this morning! The demon had me up at 7am every other day this week, and I've been so dang tired! On top of that I headed on over to the SwagBucks coupon section, because it's still the first few days of the month and a lot of hot coupons come out. Low and behold what do I find? Gerber Coupons!! WooHOOOOO This is like the best day this week! Plus There's a special deal going on at my Shoprite supermarket for a Catalina on Gerber products when you spend $25 you get a $5 Catalina good on your next purchase. These will surely come in handy. By the way don't you think the crunchies and melts are way over priced? I certainly do! For a cup of Yogurt melts it's like $2.50! Of course these are my sons favorite.

Any way here's what's out there this morning for Gerber, you can print from *SwagBucks or **Inbox dollars to maximize your savings, or click the coupons and more link to the right --->

Swagbucks pays 10SB's per coupon redemption. Redemption is usually credited in 8-10 weeks.
Inbox Dollars pays 10 cents per coupon redemption. Redemption is usually credited in 8-10 weeks.

Have a great day!

P.S. I just wanted to add if you can't use these coupons, maybe play coupon fairy with them at your supermarket when your there just drop them off in the aisle. A mom who finds these will be delighted. These items are pretty high priced, so there a killer on the wallet. 

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