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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Offers that worked for me :)

I completed these on SwagBucks but don't forget you can shop the different sites for the best paying.


Car Insurance Hounds - Insurance Quotes for 19SB's
 Remedy Life - Living With Arthritis for 30SB's

Radium One (R1)

Return of the IE9 offer, download for 16SB's

Easily transfer money on your mobile! Easy sign up! Click on the banner on the promo page to go to the Serve game page, then click on the Serve logo to go to the homepage and signup for a free new account for Swag Bucks for 27SB's. I gave barely any information, name, email, phone number (google voice or k7 for a free number), and I maybe gave my address.

I had the Heineken video on Gambit (handlebar mustache) and on Peanut Labs. I see a lot of people complain there not getting credit for it on Peanut Labs but I haven't had a problem yet.

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