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Friday, September 30, 2011

SwagBucks Code Mania Monday, + Offers

So here's what I recently read in the SwagBucks Official Blog, if you haven't read it already. I of course am a day late in posting it.

6am is a little early for me to get started in the day, however if that's PST like it usually is then I'll be just fine.

Now this morning, I headed to the SwagBucks offerwalls, and I hit up a quick video on Trial pay for 2SB's each, I was able to watch The Sims on Facebook Social Video 3 times, netting me an easy 6SB's. I also had a video on the homepage of SwagBucks, in that little box under the big ad banner but before the Recently Earned/Redeemed section. There's another Sims video on R1 as well for 1SB.

I also Completed this offer and was credited the SB's instantly!

I'm working on some other offers, right now, and hoping they all credit, so far I haven't been credited for about 4 offers on R1, they are Reclast, Latina facebook app, Auto Insurance Zip Submit for 8, and Swag Bucks in One Click. I hope to add to this post later today/tonight sometime with everything and everything I've done. But there is a trip to the mall scheduled so I may not make it... but fingers crossed I will :)

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