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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Feature Added!

We now have Some Great High Value Coupons from Coupon Network, including those featured below.

Just click to get started! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

5 days without a post? Lot's of Offers -150+ SwagBucks

Wow I can't believe I went 5 days without a new post... Sorry about that it's been gorgeous here and I've been taking the demon out to enjoy this beautiful weather!

Today is slightly cooler then the rest of the week has been and I actually had some free time to sit and do some offers. Plus Christmas is coming and I'd really love to get the boy the train table set from Santa.

See a personalized Windows Phone Demo -from the video's tab and it paid 15SB not 11 as shown.
Also there was a video for Small Business Saturday for 1SB.

Windows Phone Demo for 23SB's.

Radium One-
No one does Christmas like Kmart! -9SB's Watch the video and share on FB.
Video: American Express Small Business Saturday -1SB
Sign Up for UPS Today! -22SB's
Visit a website for easy Swag Bucks! -1SB
Visit a website for easy Swag Bucks! -1SB

Payment Wall-
Click on Videos to do the Degree Adrenaline game -2SB's
Subway Video -2SB's
Keep Checking as I was able to use the video section multiple times

Super Rewards-
Best Auto Insurance Let us help you get the best deal on Auto Insurance. Save up to 70%! -37SB's
Looking for the lowest rates on home loans? We got them! Get Swag Bucks per click through when performing a search for home loans. -32SB's
100% Free moving quotes - No sign up Receive your free moving quotes. 7SB's
No sign up - Free Information Free online injury claim evaluation. It's fast & it's free! -7SB's
Learn How You Can Have, Be or Do Anything You Want!Watch this free presentation and learn how you can have, be and do everything you want. -4SB's
Affordable online degrees In Just 15 seconds! Compare online degrees and programs from great colleges. -5SB's.

Also had the AMEX task located under the rotating slider on the homepage for 7SB's

Totals for me this morning are over 175SB's! These were all easy and didn't require a lot of time to do.
Hope you have the same luck, and as always don't forget to shop your offers, they may pay better on another site!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

100+ Kindle Titles $3.99 or less!

Amazon is having a hot Kindle Book Sale, with over 100 titles hand selected by their editors.
A few of the titles included are:

Have a great Sunday! Go Big Blue!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Walmart and CVS trips

First I want to say that I did want to have this up on Sunday after shopping, however I never made it to CVS on Sunday, I do however typically go on a Monday morning. As for Walmart that's often a rarity for me, unless there's a Super Hot deal I can't miss. And there was!

Here's how the Walmart deal looked:

I bought a total of 6 Oral-B CrossAction rechargeable power Toothbrushes priced at $12.87 each
I used 6 $10 of Oral-B Vitality or OTHER Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush from the special 10/16 P&G insert. I paid $ a total of $18.42 for all of them after coupons and tax. (please note this was done in 2 transactions my sister in law bought 3 and I bought 3 but kept 6 lol ) These coupons state limit 4 per customer, per transaction, per day.

Here's how the CVS deal looked:

Transaction 1:
2 Pantene shampoo/conditioner $3.49 each
1 Olay Renerist Night Cream $20.99
4 Cover Girl Blush $6.49 each BOGO 1/2 off
1 Covergirl Lip Perfection lipstick $7.99
1 Gatorade $1.99
1 Illy coffee drink $2.00 (not pictured)

SubTotal: $59.41

Coupons Used:
$5 off $20 CVS Facial coupon (printed from the CVS coupon machine usually located near the entrance)
$4 off $20 CVS E-mail coupon (print or send to card)
$2.49 off CVS coupon for a free Illy coffee (0.49 overage)
2- $8/2 Cover Girl Face (P&G 10/2) exp. 10/31
1- $3/2 Pantene (9/25 RP) exp. 10/31
1- $3/1 Olay  (P&G 10/2) exp 10/31
1- Free up to $7.50 Cover Girl Lip Perfection when you buy Olay regenertist (10/31 P&G) exp. 11/30

Paid: $ 18.42 Received an ECB print out for a free $10 Gift Card

Transaction 2:
1 Skittles $1.19 (killed me on halloween but that's what happens when you bring your 2 year old with you)
1 Charmin Basic 12 Roll Toilet Paper $5.44

SubTotal: 6.67

Coupons used:
1- $2/1 Charmin Toilet Paper received from a facebook coupon giveaway a while back)
paid $4.67 and Received another ECB print out for a free $10 Gift Card

Total Out Of Pocket expense: $25.09 got back $20 in Gift Cards. so $5.09 for every thing after GC's!

I purchased both gift cards at the same time and snagged a $10 AMEX card and a $10 CVS store card.

All of these items except for the Skittles, Gatorade and coffee are part of the spend $30 get a $10 gift card.

Starting this weekend I'll be mapping out my shopping trip for CVS that I'll be taking on Monday's!
*Weather permitting may get moved to another day if it's bad weather here walking with my son in rain, snow, or freezing temperatures is a no-no lol!

Hopefully everyone has been buying their newspapers if you decided to start shopping with me. Remember you may not have ALL the coupons needed every week when you first start but you WILL get there!

I hope you enjoyed my shopping trips :)

Whoa Nelly.... Check out these TOY COUPONS

All you Mommies, Daddy's, Aunt's,Uncles, Brother's sisters.... whatev...

There are well over 25 HOT new Toy Coupons that were released on Target today,
these coupons are mostly Target Store coupons, and can be stacked with a Manufacturer coupon!

PRINT THEM NOW!!!! They won't last, and these are the coupons you will need/want come Black Friday Sale time!

A few notable coupons I noticed right away if you have little one's is the Rock Star Mickey Coupon, and the new Let's Rock Elmo!

Thanks Hip2Save

Good Morning!

Just want to give a quick run down of some info for everyone today.

1st: FedEx is giving away 30,000 $25 AMEX giftcards as part of the Small Business Saturday Promotion.
To get in on the giveaway you first need to "like" the facebook page, then at 1pm EST you'll be able to try for a chance at sign up. Remember be early or you may not get your shot. I've been apart of numerous giveaways similar to this on other pages (Bounty $5 coupon, etc.) and sometimes the pages don't load. You may not get it but at least the opportunity is there.

2. There's a couple of really good Coupons on and SmartSource. For my Swaggers, and Inbox Dollar users, print your coupons from their respective websites for greater savings. For everyone else just click the links on the right! Notably the $1.25 on 3 select Kraft items, I foresee these giving us some free or super cheap products. I've already seen reports of buying boxes of Jell-o for $0.08 with this coupon at Walmart, i'll hold mine for a cream cheese, or Bakers Chocolate Sale!

3. I do have my CVS and Walmart Trips to post, but I'm still typing those up.

4. If you haven't joined SuperPoints yet here's an invite token for the first one to click and sign up.

5. I wanted to apologize to everyone for not posting any code alerts for SwagBucks yesterday, but I was out shopping, then Trick or Treating with my little demon child, although he was posing as Mickey Mouse yesterday, however he refused to wear his ears!

6. There's only 8 more day's till the 1st anniversary of My Daily Swag! I really think we've come a long way and have grown so much. Maybe not in fan base but

I plan to be home for a majority of the day, and plan on displaying my shopping trips along with what coupons I used, where I got them, and all that good stuff. (please keep in mind store prices do vary region to region and mine are typically higher then most) Don't worry I plan on working on some offers today as well, just having a hard time deciding where... hmmm what sites/offerwalls do you want to see this week?

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