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A few of my favorite sites, for daily deals and other stuff are:


It's banking interface uses the exact same company as

Coupon Sites:
I'm going to start with Inbox dollars it has the same coupons as, however if you sign up for inbox dollars you get 10 cents for each coupon you use, so your really getting more back on your coupon-ing.

Swag Bucks is now in on the coupon game, you will earn 10 SB's for each coupon you redeem, it can take up to 12 weeks to receive your SB's. Works the same as Inbox dollars, but you get swag bucks back instead.

Search & Win

This is a link to coupons for organic items through the Mambo Sprouts website.

Living Rich with Coupons found this one somewhere and really like it. Plus they also post freebie stuff.

Most of them all have the same stuff, but sometimes one site has an offer the other's don't. If you have any great site's you use please email them to me and I'll add them, send e-mail to just put coupons in the header.

A few good blogs, that you can "like" and follow through facebook, that offer a great deal more then just coupons, they tell you where all the hot deals are, and if you live near where they are located (I do) they offer shopping match ups by store, so you have all these great coupons but where can you get the best deal with it, don't worry they'll tell you. Awesome Sites. I really love Living Rich With Coupons, she lives in my state and pretty close to my area so her site works best for me. I make my shopping list after she posts all the match ups, then I know what I'm buying. She posts a lot of great deals through out the day. I highly suggest liking at least one of the pages below. I got a ton of great buys through them.

The Hudson County Shopper

Living Rich With Coupons


-updated 03/30/2011

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