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Guide to Special Offers

Before starting Special Offers or more commonly referred to as SO's. You will want to do a few things, depending on how much of your information you want out there. Especially with sales and quote offers, and basically anything requiring an e-mail address.

1. Set up an email address strictly for spam/sales/quote offers. You can get a free one with google, yahoo,, and many others, why not do a swag search for free email you may just win some SB's while searching. A lot of users set up multiple email address, a lot of offers return and you will then be required to enter an email all over again, and you will undoubtedly get error messages stating your email is already on file. However, this is frowned upon on most of the sites, so do so at your own risk.

2. I have set up a google voice number, that automatically forwards the calls to my home phone without me needing to give out my actual phone number, and I can turn it off when I want to. It's also a free service. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR CELL NUMBER!

3. Some people have a store mailbox or P.O. Box, I just use my home address.

**A note on Special Offers**
When I start my offers for the day, I clear my cookies, cache and recent history. Then I click on the offer wall I'm ready to start with. I usually stay in one browser window with the page up, for each wall/tab I wait until I've done what I intended on a given tab/wall. Like, for gWallet, I'll make sure I've completed all of the offers on that page that I intend to do for the day. The reason being is sometimes doing one offer will affect another, virtually causing it to disappear and never to return until they decide to bring it back. So save all downloads for last for each wall. And try to stick to one offer wall at a time. For instance do all the Trialpay offers, easy stuff first, then the downloads last. So, if your browser restarts you'll already have finished what you were attempting. For example there was 3 offers all from the same company on one offer wall, if you completed one, switched walls/tabs it would have taken the other 2 offers away, I however completed each one, others were unable to because they refreshed the page.

Things you should know before starting special offers!

You need to know how to do a screen shot, it's very simple and is the ultimate proof you will need for all thing's related to Special Offers or SO's for short. At the end of each offer when you have gotten to the completion stage I suggest taking a screen shot. It is very easily accomplished and actually takes less then a minute to do, see below for instructions.

Although SO's can be very frustrating at times, they are really worth the effort especially when they pay out quickly. It's a great way to boost your earnings in just a few minutes. I also post a few times a week in this blog SO's that worked for me, to save you the trouble of digging through. Although, please remember I don't have as many as a newbie does, because I've done a lot of them already. However, if you have a question about any SO in particular, please email me at or post on the FB wall and either myself or another member will happily answer.

To have proof of a completed special offer, you will always have to know how to do each of the following. I also want to reiterate that you SHOULD ALWAYS take a screen shot of a completed offer, and save all of your emails it is your ultimate proof in the end.

Steps to copy and paste e-mail with header:

1. open original email
2. click reply or forward
3. highlight entire email
4. paste in the Comments/question field for the Special Offer company you are contacting

Steps for taking a screen shot:


1. The button located at the top of your keyboard/laptop just after the F12 key it will say something like Prnt Scrn, PRTSC, PTSC, or anything like that, you just need to remember it's the first key after F12 in the top row. Just press F12 when you've reached the final page of your offer.

2. Open up paint, or word, or any program where you can paste a picture.

3. You can either press Ctrl + V to paste the screen shot, or you can go to edit and then press paste.

4. Save the file, choose how you'd like to save the file I suggest JPEG or GIF, you may also want to create a special Swag Bucks folder for saving your screen shots. If the offer should happen to not credit, you will have your screen shot for proof.

5. Then next step you will want to take is to upload the picture to a free site like or any other free photo sharing website that is similar.

6. Once uploaded you can grab the e-mail/IM link and copy and paste that link into the form on the SO's missing bucks page.

Mac Users can click here for instructions you will be taken to the Mahalo website.


After you've installed a Facebook application, It's really simple to remove it just go to: My account>Privacy Settings>bottom left of your screen under apps and websites click "edit settings" on the next page, click the edit settings button it's a grey/silver color. Here you will see all of your apps listed by last use. Find the app you wish to install and click the X all the way to the right of the screen and choose the option to remove. Wait a minute for a new box to pop up and click okay,that's it! You have now successfully un-installed a Facebook app.

****Unsubscribing from email sign ups****

You can almost always unsubscribe from any of the email sign-ups like the Arcamax newsletters, it's really simple to do, at the bottom of just about any email you receive there's always an unsubscribe or remove me link, just click on it, a window will open, if there's an option I suggest clicking the remove from all option, as this saves you from getting bogged down from additional emails that may come from the same company.

This guide is also great for other sites that may have a "Special Offers" sections, like facebook games, other earning sites, etc. I don't offer any support for anything that may or may not effect or infect your computer, I have no relationship with the offerwalls, I'm just an average user like you, sharing my experiences. I offer no support, but if you email me I can sometimes help. I'm not tech support, or internet support, or anything else. I'm just sharing my experiences, this may or may not help you and I will not be held responsible or liable in anyway.
This blog is in no way associated with, endorsed by or run in conjunction with TSG, or any of its partners. Neither TSG, or any of its partners make any guarantees as to the legitimacy of this promotion or its results. Always exercise caution when sharing any sensitive, personal information.
~updated 1/24/2011

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