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How to Do Stuff on Your PC

Steps for taking a screen shot:


1. The button located at the top of your keyboard/laptop just after the F12 key it will say something like Prnt Scrn, PRTSC, PTSC, or anything like that, you just need to remember it's the first key after F12 in the top row. Just press the key following F12 when you've reached the final page of your offer.

2. Open up paint, or word, or any program where you can paste a picture.

3. You can either press Ctrl + V to paste the screen shot, or you can go to edit and then press paste.

4. Save the file, choose how you'd like to save the file I suggest JPEG or GIF, you may also want to create a special Swag Bucks folder for saving your screen shots. If the offer should happen to not credit, you will have your screen shot for proof.

5. Then next step you will want to take is to upload the picture to a free site like or any other free photo sharing website that is similar.

6. Once uploaded you can grab the e-mail/IM link and copy and paste that link into the form on the SO's missing bucks page.

Mac Users can click here for instructions you will be taken to the Mahalo website.


After you've installed a Facebook application, It's really simple to remove it just go to: My account>Privacy Settings>bottom left of your screen under apps and websites click "edit settings" on the next page, click the edit settings button it's a grey/silver color. Here you will see all of your apps listed by last use. Find the app you wish to install and click the X all the way to the right of the screen and choose the option to remove. Wait a minute for a new box to pop up and click okay,that's it! You have now successfully un-installed a Facebook app.

****Unsubscribing from email sign ups****

You can almost always unsubscribe from any of the email sign-ups like the Arcamax newsletters, it's really simple to do, at the bottom of just about any email you receive there's always an unsubscribe or remove me link, just click on it, a window will open, if there's an option I suggest clicking the remove from all option, as this saves you from getting bogged down from additional emails that may come from the same company.

How To clear your cache:
Firefox- At the top of the window click on Tools>Clear recent History>check the box for Cache. This will clear your cache. I usually also check the cookies, and the browsing and download history boxes. Remember by clearing your cookies you will have to re-log in to every website. I don't particularly mind this, plus it helps me get rid of all the junk I don't use. 

Google Chrome- Click on tools (the picture of the wrench), then options, click under the hood, click the boxes you wish to clear, like browsing and download history, cookies, and of course empty cache, then click clear browsing data.

Internet Explorer: Click on Tools (alt+x), internet options, then click on the delete button just under browsing history, a little window will open choose which options you would like to clear, download history, cookies, and temporary internet files which is the cache option.

I will add to this as often as needed or if I think it needs something. As always suggestions are always welcomed email

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