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Help with SwagBucks

So what exactly is this SwagBucks? Well SwagBucks is a search and earn website that allows you to earn virtual currency in exchange for prizes, like gift cards for stores like, Macy',, Target, Starbucks, the list goes on and on, you can even exchange for game cards for your favorite FaceBook games. They have so many Prizes I could never name them all on one little blog page.

Your here because you want to earn some free Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, or other prizes so let's get started by Joining Swag Bucks, already Joined then skip this step. Don't forget to sign up for all the other sites I list on the homepage, nothing like adding those prizes up!!

I have broken down all the ways to win Swag Bucks for you, you just have to follow the list everyday and you'll do just fine! I earn a minimum of $25 a month in Amazon Gift Cards just from SwagBucks, all for free, don't you just love that word... FREE!!  There are many prizes at SwagBucks, and the other sites as well, but I go for the $5 Amazon Gift Cards, because they are the best deal on the website, However like all good deals there is a limit of 5 of each denomination per month and 2 per day, so a lot of users do the 5 Amazon cards and then do the PayPal cards, personally I do the 5 Amazon cards, and then shoot for the $50 card, if I can't make the $50 I grab the $25 card. This money is currently paying for diapers, wipes, presents for holiday's and basically anything we need or want on The thing that's so great about the Amazon gift cards is that they stack up in your account virtually turning it into a sort of bank account that you can use for just about anything on Amazon you just can't buy gift certificates with it.

I created this section for all the Swagger Newbies soon to be Swaggernauts, and I hope you find it helpful.

How to Earn Swag Bucks: 

Lets start with the daily 5. You can get up to 9 SB's (Swag Bucks) every day just for logging in and clicking in a few areas they are as follows. Click Earn>and then each of the following:

1. NOSO- make sure you skip through these No Obligation Special Offers, after your done skipping you will be rewarded with 1 SB. If your interested you can sign up for the offer. (they have 2 points now)

2. Trusted Surveys- After a week or on your 8th day, you can fill out your profiles, and then access this section every day to see if there is a survey, and collect 1 SB up to a total of 5SB's per day if you are disqualified from any of the surveys.

3. Daily Poll- Pretty much self explanatory, every day you come here answer the question and click vote, once you've voted you will be rewarded with 1 SB.

4. Toolbar- If you have installed the toolbar in either Firefox or Internet Explorer you will be rewarded with 1 SB just for opening your browser, with the toolbar.

* Newly Added:
5. Invite a Friend - you can invite more then 1 friend per day, but you will only get 1SB per day, so best to do just 1 invite per day :) You can make your invites through Google, Yahoo, LinkdIn, Facebook and Twitter, just click at the top of the page which you want to connect through. Personally I just use Facebook!

After the daily 5 follow do the following: make sure you search a few times a day, I usually do morning, noon, and evening/night. You can use your toolbar to search or go to the page and search from there, just make sure your logged in. Make sure you watch SwagBucks TV you can win 15 times a day at 5 SwagBucks each, that's 75SB's per day x 30 days equals 2250SB's or 5 Amazon $5 giftcards, just for watching video's! Try your hand at a few of the games, the winnings aren't huge unless you like to gamble, and there's the Special Offers section always good for big bucks, I post these a few times a week in my blog, and will definitely boost your earnings significantly.

1. Complete the Daily 4 (sometimes 5 with the extra point, it will appear as a win of 2 instead of 1)
2. Search (a few times a day naturally, what ever comes to your mind)
3. Watch SwagBucks TV
4. Play Games
5. Complete Special offers (even if it's just watching a few of the video's on the offer tabs/walls)

All of the ways you can earn Swag Bucks are:

Searching- Simply search naturally like you normally would to earn random amounts of swag bucks, most users win 2-3 times per day. If your not sure what to search for, just search the first thing that comes to your mind, I usually start off with good morning, or the date, Tuesday July 32nd 2990, I've searched my bookmarks, like when I need to visit my bank website, the blog here, my son's name, anything really. I may not even use the links it provides but I do my searches. Remember not to try and search to much to fast, wait a minute between searches, I'll usually search 2 or 3 times in a row if nothing, I'll start my morning rounds about the web, then go back, also sometimes i'll just leave the search screen up where I just searched do something then go back and click next page, mostly in images but I also sometimes do it the regular search.

P.S. If you do search and you get the rules page wait an hour or two and try again, this means your in a time out for "over" searching. We don't want this, although I've been known to go in to time out once in a blue.

Mega Swag Bucks Day or MSBD-  Every Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day (MSBD), which means better odds of winning our BIG Swag Bucks denominations! Simply search naturally, and with a little luck, you'll be winning large bills starting at 20 Swag Bucks and up. Note there's no guarantee that you will hit bigger bills.  I've hit the bigger bills three itmes since June 1 was for 30+ the other for 20+, and recently a 41!

Hourly Random Winner-  Scroll down to the bottom of the SwagBucks homepage, and you will see the Random winner. All winners receive 1000 SwagBucks!

Swag Codes - Swag Codes can appear anywhere, and at any time, throughout the Swag Bucks network. This includes, but is not limited to,; the newsletter, any Swag Bucks powered Search&Win Site; the Official Swag Bucks blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter page, Flickr page; and affiliated partner sites. There is almost always an expiration date on Swag Codes, you will want to check the widget often, you can post one on your own page, or just come on back here and use mine, I don't mind at all. Usually if you've visited the Swag Bucks Facebook page, and see lots of thanks TSG's you can be sure there's an active code out. Once you have found a code enter it on the main page of swagbucks on the right hand side there's an empty box to input text next to a silver button that reads "Gimmie" enter the code in that box and press gimmie. In most cases if the code isn't working make sure you haven't added a space before or after the code. Also they are very strict about code sharing, and if your caught cheating you will be deactivated, so don't do it! and don't just go to the Swag Bucks Facebook page and ask for a code, just check the widget, if there's a code out the widget will hint at where it is or where to look. If your still confused, visit this website SwagForDummies and scroll down the page a little, they have a step by step picture guide for your viewing pleasure, it helps to be able to see how they work.

SwagTV- a recent addition to Swag Bucks and quite rewarding.You can earn 3SB's for every X video's watched, usually after about a minute you can switch video's as the progress bar at the top climbs. There are lots of different categories. I will admit it does take up a lot of time, but you can win 25 times per day 25x3 is 75SB's per day, times 30 days = 5 of the $5 Amazon giftcards, that's $25 a month for watching video's, and doesn't include searching, special offers, or even games, there's great earning potential here if you have the patience and time to do it. **At the moment there's a special promo that is doubling the amount of SwagBucks one can win in SwagBucks TV you just have to watch it more often you can get a maximum of 150SB's per day. (as of this update 11/12/11)

Swag Games- Earn 10 SB's per day playing the games for free. You have a chance at earning bigger amounts by using your bucks to enter tournaments. I'm not fond of them and don't even bother trying to get the 10 points so Good Luck!

Coupons- Can you believe they're going to pay us SB's for using coupons, don't ya just love that! If you've ever used or any other printable coupon service it's the same thing, if you haven't, simply click the clip box on the coupon and when your finished click the red print button and they will print out, take them to the grocery store for redemption, and you will earn 10 SB's per coupon. Please note it can take up to 12 weeks to process the coupon redemption.

Daily Deals- Purchase a daily deal to earn SB's.

Shop and Earn- speaks for itself. When shopping online, check out the swag bucks shop and earn section for an online store you plan on shopping at, you will earn 2 SB's for every $1 spent. There are ton's of stores listed in the shop and earn section you just have to look, there's an easy to use search feature for the store you are looking for. It does take roughly 32 days to be credited with your swag bucks, and that's just to protect themselves if you decide to return the merchandise within the 30 day return period. Just check before you shop to be sure of the policy for each store. Some people have been known to have issues using shop and earn, personally I haven't, although I always for get to use it, I have used it twice and had no problems.

Trade In- you can trade in your old books, cell phones, mp3 players, and video game equipment for swag bucks. Please see the trade in section for more information. I can't comment because I've never used this feature.

Referrals- Referrals are a great way to earn swag bucks but they haven't been easy for me to get. When you do get a referral you get matching swag bucks for their search wins only, up to 1000 SB's. After they reach 1000 you no longer get SB's for their wins. Simply use your referral ID to give to friends and family members, and don't forget to use Facebook connect, so all of your win's and prizes are posted on your Facebook page. Remember to send your new referrals here to get their getting started guide just like you did!

Special Offers- sometimes these can be absolutely awesome, other times an utter nightmare when trying to collect on your points. A few things before you get started that you should know. You need to know how to do a screen shot, it's very simple and is the ultimate proof you will need for all thing's related to Special Offers or SO's for short. At the end of each offer when you have gotten to the completion stage I suggest taking a screen shot. It is very easily accomplished and actually takes less then a minute to do, see below for instructions. Although SO's can be very frustrating at times, they are really worth the effort especially when they pay out quickly. It's a great way to boost your earnings in just a few minutes. I also post in my daily morning blog SO's that worked for me, to save you the trouble of digging through. Although, please remember I don't have as many as a newbie does, because I've done a lot of them already. However, if you have a question about any SO in particular, please email me at or post on the FB wall and either myself or another member will happily answer.

Before starting Special Offers or more commonly referred to as SO's. You will want to do a few things, depending on how much of your information you want out there. Especially with sales and quote offers, and basically anything requiring and e-mail address.

Set up Guide for Special Offers this guide is also great for other sites that may have "Special Offers" sections

1. Set up an email address strictly for spam/sales/quote offers. You can get a free one with google, yahoo,, and many others, why not do a swag search for free email you may just win some SB's while searching.

2. I have set up a google voice number, that automatically forwards the calls to my home phone without me needing to give out my actual phone number, and I can turn it off when I want to. It's also a free service.

3. Some people have a store mailbox or P.O. Box, I just use my home address.

Steps to copy and paste e-mail with header

1. open email
2. click reply or forward
3. highlight entire email
4. paste

Steps for taking a screen shot:


1. The button located at the top of your keyboard/laptop just after the F12 key it will say something like Prnt Scrn, PRTSC, PTSC, or anything like that, you just need to remember it's the first key after F12 in the top row. Just press F12 when you've reached the final page of your offer. 2. Open up paint, or word, or any program where you can paste a picture. 3. you can either press Ctrl + V to paste the screen shot, or you can go to edit and then press paste, 4. Save the file, choose how you'd like to save the file I suggest JPEG or GIF, you may also want to create a special Swag Bucks folder for saving your screen shots. If the offer should happen to not credit, you will have your screen shot for proof. Then next step you will want to take is to upload the picture to a free site like or similar. Once uploaded you can grab the e-mail/IM link and copy and paste that link into the form on the SO's missing bucks page.

Mac Users can click here for instructions you will be taken to the Mahalo website.

This blog is in no way associated with, endorsed by or run in conjunction with TSG, or any of its partners. Neither TSG, or any of its partners make any guarantees as to the legitimacy of this promotion or its results. This blog is not in anyway associated with any of the websites, listed, linked to or otherwise. Always exercise caution when sharing any sensitive, personal information. This blog and it's owner do not offer any support for anything that may or may not effect or infect your computer. I have no relationship with the offerwalls. I'm just an average user like you, sharing my experiences. I offer no support, but if you email me I can sometimes help. I'm not tech support, or internet support, or anything else. I'm just sharing my experiences, this may or may not help you and I will not be held responsible or liable in anyway.

~ updated 11/12/2011
I do really try to keep this as up to date as possible. However sometimes I slack so If you see I'm missing something please email me at thanks!

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