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Work at Home Information

A few things you should know about working from home, most of the reputable companies have switched in the two years from a non-fee background check to imposing a fee on you, but only if they decide to hire you. So you really need to know that going in, they range from $25-$75 and it all depends on the company.

For phone work you will need for most of the companies a plain old telephone line from the phone company, with NO features, no call waiting, no caller i.d., no *69 etc. You will want to get a headset, mine is a GE single ear headset and it cost me about $13 at target. You will need a CORDED telephone with a headset jack on it. Some company's don't mind if you use a cordless, but you should check before your purchase, or just buy the corded desk phone and save yourself the trouble. DO NOT BUY a headset for your computer, unless a company tells you to, I know Alpine Access requires a USB headset with microphone for most of their training.

Some free resources, are 2 very good message boards for additional information on the jobs listed plus new leads. Not to mention the people there are very helpful and welcoming. Be warned don't go there and just start posting, things like help me find a job, where are the jobs etc. Do some research first. and these are two very powerful resources when starting, and even researching work from home jobs, and where I found my first jobs. I continue to use these sites daily, although much less then I used to.

(please note I don't make anything for giving you this information).

About non-phone jobs. They usually pay a lot less then phone jobs unless your a medical or legal transcriptionist, or luck out with something else.

List of some work at home phone jobs:
IC= Independent Contractor; E=Employee

West at Home LLC - (E)
Alpine Access - (E) 
Live Ops - (IC)
ACD Direct - (IC) 
Working Solutions - (IC)
Arise - (IC)
Live Work (IC)
Cloud 10 - (E)
Convergys - (E)
U-haul - (E) Title box enter e-hotline  Category All

I have work/ed for 2 of the 3 company's listed above. These are all legit, and remember each company has their own requirements. I am not endorsing anyone company above another. I can answer most questions you may have, just send an email to and put work at home in the subject line.
Non- Phone Jobs:

Quicktate: Transcribe voice mails to text for email or text messaging. You earn 1/4 of a cent per word, so it takes 4 words to make a penny. They pay through PayPal twice a month. You should probably visit one of the message boards for more information on them. Like you may want to download a spreadsheet to keep track of your earnings. Great company, I personally have never had any issues with them.

ChaCha:   if you wouldn't mind when you apply please use me as your referral just use the website email address

Key for Cash (KFC) I actually applied with this company a few years back, the waiting list is long, and you have to have really good keying skills, the better your skills the faster you get hired. This is a real Data Entry job. The pay isn't huge, but it's like the rest of home jobs you can earn money but your not going to get rich quick. I haven't figured out my hourly yet, once I do I'll put in an update here. I do know you have to have at least $20 in your account to get paid. So I made a dollar yesterday in about 20 minutes and it was my first time doing it and had no idea what I was doing. Your also an Independent Contractor so your responsible for your own taxes.

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